Grey Heron, Lake Panic, Kruger National Park.

The Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea),

This a wading bird of the heron family. I took these photos at Lake Panic in the Kruger National Park.

It’s native throughout temperate Europe and Asia and also parts of Africa. It is resident in the milder south and west, but many birds retreat in winter from the ice in colder regions. It has become common in summer even inside the Arctic circle along the Norwegian coast.

Adults have a white head with a broad black supercilium and slender crest, while immature birds have a dull grey head. It has a powerful, pinkish-yellow bill, which is brighter in breeding adults. It has a slow flight, with its long neck retracted (S-shaped). This is characteristic of herons and bitterns, and distinguishes them from storks, cranes and spoonbills, which extend their necks. The call is a loud croaking “fraaank”.

This species breeds in colonies in trees close to lakes, the seashore or other wetlands, although it will also nest in reed beds. At Lake Panic there is one nesting in a tree direct across from the Bird hide…

Thur 21-07-2011 155

Thur 21-07-2011 127












This one is catching a ride on a Hippo’s back…                                             I wonder if this one knows the crocodile is there, I didn’t till I looked at my photo..

Thur 21-07-2011 058

Thur 21-07-2011 125

Thur 21-07-2011 066

Thur 21-07-2011 063

Thur 21-07-2011 154

Thur 21-07-2011 153

Thur 21-07-2011 056

32 thoughts on “Grey Heron, Lake Panic, Kruger National Park.

  1. The Herons coming to the houses in the neighbourhood who have a pond in their garden and eating the fish. They’re quite domesticated as I would say. It’s funny to see them on our shed waiting untill they attack the fish.

  2. these are amazing! the hippo and croco, OMG! Thanks for pointing those out too, I didn’t see them right off. ain’t nature grand?

  3. What wonderful photos! And beautiful birds, too. I love the photo of the “free hippo ride.” I’m glad you called attention to the croc! Quite amazing for me to see sights quite unlike my own experiences. Nice! Debra

  4. Wow – those crocs sure know how to hide!

    Brilliant pictures again 🙂 I love the way the birds call out to Frank – lol

    What is the story behind the naming of Lake Panic? Sounds interesting (unless it’s actually named after someone called Panic) 😀

    • Lake Panic is the name that was given shortly after construction was completed about 1975 when, during a major cloudburst, it was feared that the dam wall would give way….. this I got from a web site… but I think it is an appropriate name as one normally stays till the last possible moment and then panic hoping you make the gate closure times….

    • Thank you…. been down to a couple of dams to see what there is to photo and nearly stood on these damn things… caught a few when younger for a friend… when I think back I was kind of irresponsible in those days… not big ones of course 6 footers…

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