A Wedding to remember…My Anniversary..

39 years ago today, I married the girl of my dreams. My fantasy girl, a creation of God specially for me…

We had met at a party, six weeks earlier, where I had immediately asked her to marry me. She was a tallish girl with hair way down her back, worn in a way that  took my breath away. The body of a model and the face of a Miss World, a 10 if I had ever seen one.

It was a friends birthday party and I had supplied the meat for the braai (barbeque). When I delivered the meat to the place of the party, Roy told me to leave my girlfriend at home as there where too many girls invited and too few men. This appealed to me, as my present girlfriend was just an acquaintance..

On arrival at the do, this raving beauty was already there… way beyond my reach I thought. A request for a dance to save her from a “grabber”, resulted in a positive way, (it might have been to escape the man with a thousand hands, but I was lucky). I kept her on the dance floor to keep her to myself, not prepared to share with the others, my luck was with me and I was never going to let her go.

Three weeks later we got engaged, and three weeks later we got married. No she was not pregnant, I had to go to the border for my army six week call up.

Many said it would not last, and I wonder where those people are today…. 39 years of bliss. We’ve been through hard times and good times, sickness and health, for better or poorer we’ve seen it all. She still remains the girl of my dreams, my raving beauty, my partner, my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, the woman that has stood behind me and encouraged me in all my undertakings. Those that failed, she saw as a way to a new idea, a new undertaking, never a bad word said but merely further encouragement.

Those words said at the ceremony… “till death do you part”… is something that we will undertake. I hope our time together lasts forever, and our Love continues to strengthen, and I wish all that ever get married, be as lucky as I have had the privilege of being..

I still maintain I married way above my station, but then again Linda was lucky to get me…….

There is a post to follow re the second photo, we met these Camels on our trip down to my Son’s place…. but typical Linda, wants to ride the beast…..


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