A Walk with a Camel…Raising Funds for Bibles.

Well we have made it back to the city where the Internet connection is so good….

On our trip to my Son in the Northern Cape, we saw two camels resting next to the road… Linda’s excitement and my obvious photo interest had us turn around and return to the spot.. What were two camels doing on the road.???

We were received in a friendly way and our enquiry elicited an answer that was plain and simple… the Camels were on a walk for Jesus… from Kakamas to Pretoria.. 920 km (575 ml.) all done in short daily walks while stopping to collect funds for the purchase of Bibles…

Anyone knowing the area will realise there are some areas as far as 160 km between towns… 160 km of nothing… so a vehicle follows the walk with water and feed for the camels and for those that walk with them… camping in the evening next to the road… what an undertaking.

Linda got all the info from them about their last two year walks… the camels walk up and back, the only difference, on the return trip their handlers ride them… a 920 km walk is quite an undertaking for the camels, but what of the handlers that walk with them.??? We had to admire them and added to the coffers… naturally capturing as much as I could on camera… and here are a few of the photos I took..

Len14-15-09-2012 035

Len14-15-09-2012 024











The Team…

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Len14-15-09-2012 023

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Len14-15-09-2012 006

Linda with the one walker and a fellow traveller that stop to look and donate..

Len14-15-09-2012 019

Len14-15-09-2012 014

Len14-15-09-2012 028

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