Hotazel… a mining town near Kathu…

Set on a bush-covered, featureless plain, Hotazel is home to bhpbilliton’s Mamatwan open-quarry manganese ore mine and sinter plant, and Wessels underground manganese ore mine. It offers a swimming pool to take the sting out of its imitative name, a mashie golf course, squash and tennis courts.

Here’s some photos… couldn’t find the devil but I’m sure he’s there somewhere…..

len 16-07-2012 019

len 16-07-2012 033











Not sure I would be so proud of being the sponsor of this golf club… I’ve played here before when the course was good… but now…there’s no sponsor..

len 16-07-2012 031

len 16-07-2012 029










Photos of the official buildings of this town….Municipality building…

len 16-07-2012 041
















Post Office…….

len 16-07-2012 044
















A few streets of the town……

len 16-07-2012 035

len 16-07-2012 034










And there is even some bird life in Hotazel……maybe the devil’s budgies…

len 16-07-2012 040

len 16-07-2012 038

19 thoughts on “Hotazel… a mining town near Kathu…

  1. Does make you wonder who’s minding the store! Is it possible the golf course only recently fell into ruin? Nature is in better shape…I like the birds! You offer photos of so many interesting species I’ve never seen before!

    • Unfortunately the golf course has been left to slowly slide to its present state of closure… a pity as it was in the center of a set of houses and a really great short nine hole… I just wish the sponsors wouldn’t brag about a non entity…

    • Thanks Robyn… I can understand with the depressed markets that money is short and something has to give…. but to leave a sign saying your a proud sponsor… is asking for people like me, that love golf courses to tackle you…

    • It is called the red-eye bulbul… and that is how it’s eye shows with a red circle around the eye… I will be posting other photos I took of the bird, with close ups that show the red ring…

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