Kumba Iron Ore Mine… Sishen, South Africa.

Kumba Iron Ore is an iron ore mining company in South Africa. It is the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world and the largest in Africa. A subsidiary of Anglo American corporation.

The entrance from the main road is beautifully decorated….

Len Kathu 10-07-2012 040

Len Kathu 10-07-2012 045











The bulk of Kumba’s iron ore production comes from Sishen mine, located in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province near the mining town of Kathu. Opened in 1947, Sishen mine is Kumba’s flagship operation and one of the largest open-pit mines in the world. It operates 24/7 and in 2011 produced 38,9 million tonnes of iron ore.

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Sishen mine has enough resources to sustain a 21-year production. Most of Sishen mine’s iron ore’s exported. All mining’s done by open-cast methods, with ore transported to the beneficiation plant where it’s crushed, screened and beneficiated. Kumba is the only haematite ore producer in the world to fully beneficiate its product, made possible through dense medium separation and jig technology. The Jig Plant at Sishen mine is the largest of its type in the world.


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A few facts about the mine…

Sishen mine is one of the world’s seven largest open-pit mines, and is the site of several mining world records:

  • the largest single blasting operation took place here, in which 7,2 million tonnes of rock broken in a single blast in 1981.

  • Sishen mine extracts water from the mine, of which more than half’s used for mining operations and the daily requirements of the town that houses employees. The balance, piped to other mines and towns in the area.

  • Total tonnage produced in 2011: 38,9Mt of final product.

  • Total investment in social and community projects in 2011: R73,6 million.

The equipment used on the mine is some of the biggest in the world… and these photos give you an idea of how big…

Len Kathu 10-07-2012 056



42 thoughts on “Kumba Iron Ore Mine… Sishen, South Africa.

    • I don’t know, maybe you should direct questions of this nature direct to their website… I’m just a blogger, I don’t work there and have no inside information….


  2. Hi

    I’ve been trying to search for Dump truck operator vacancies at kumba mine on the website you gave below and there’s no luck. Can you please help me
    Isn’t there anywhere I can forward my documents to?

  3. HI bulldog
    how do i go about to become a dumptruck driver there,i’ve been trucking all over Europe and the USA for the past 23 years and visited 27 countries,i really want to settle with a job like this,how do i go about it?

    • I don’t live there just visit there… your best bet is to contact Anglo American Kathu , Kumba Iron Ore Mine..
      Google their website there is contact details there, they do have a program for people to open businesses, I don’t know if you qualify but no harm in enquiring…

  4. Hello,

    I am doing a project on Kumba Iron ore.
    Please can I get the very first photo from you? the Welcome photo. It is really stunning!

    Thank You

  5. Hi bulldogsturf. I write from Prince Albert in the Western Cape. i have a father in law who is obsessed in having a go in the Dump truck as a passenger. do you know if the mine sometimes have open days for the public to view or have a ride in their super trucks?

    • Sorry Anton as far as I know they do not… they are very very safety conscious, to the extreme in fact… my son due to his position managed to get special permission from the GM for me to be allowed in to the view points of the mine… I had to go through an induction program before a permit was issued… and then all I was allowed to do was go to view points dedicated for special visitors… as for riding in a dumper , … no chance… Sorry for the bad news…

    • I would like to make a private visit the Kumba Mine during October 2017 on a day when the mine is open to receive visitors and need to know who to contact to arrange for this visit.

  6. I found this very interesting. I grew up in Northern Minnesota which had a large iron ore industry. Although it was a fair distance from my home town, my dad was a contractor and often contracted out to do construction on the “Iron Range” as we called it. Here’s a little information on it. http://geography.about.com/library/misc/ucmesabi.htm
    I don’t know how much they’re still producing – they were having difficult times.

    • Thanks for the link I’m going to have a look at it… the iron ore mines are just beyond belief with the size they do everything… I’m blogging tomorrow on their train that transports the ore to the coast… I’ve seen the train with my own eyes and still can’t believe it…

      • I would be very happy to be able to visit the marshalling yard where the special iron ore trains are assembled at Sishen (or wherever it takes place) so that I can have a close up view of these operations and perhaps even meet some of the staff on a train.

    • You would not believe the facilities they have for their workers, there is not a single sport not catered for.. from Horse stables to lawn bowls, golf, every thing… I will be blogging on them every now and then between my birds… there is hardly a business in the town that has not been backed by them, and all for the previously disadvantaged…
      My Son went over to China to look at a plant there for reducing used tyres to oil and basic usable products… this plant costs 65 000 000 and they are sponsoring it for a consortium to run and they guarantee to buy all the oil for their furnaces or what ever… a magnificent company to work for and one that is totally engrossed on their fellow man… Both my Son and Daughter-in-law work for the company… Man I wish I wasn’t too old to work there…

      • Oh wow.. amazing bd. Sounds like a dream employer…so happy to know your son and d-i-l work for them. My favorite part is they are supportive of mankind and our world! Your never too old — see if they need some photo freelance work done!! 🙂 x

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