Horses Hairstyles…

Horses of Kathu..

Hairstyles of the rich and famous horses of Kathu….

Left Right and up and about….

len 26-09-2012 016

Right hand parting…..

len 26-09-2012 021

Long down the back….almost a “mullet”

len 26-09-2012 027

Middle parting….

len 26-09-2012 033

Sloping fringe….

len 26-09-2012 039

Side sweep ruffled look….

len 26-09-2012 048

Wind blown look….

len 26-09-2012 052

Either this way or that…

Len 1-10-2012 061

Bad hair day… need that filly…

Len 1-10-2012 063

57 thoughts on “Horses Hairstyles…

    • Thank you for the comment and follow.. glad I brought good memories of your own horses… I see you have chosen to follow my blog… for that I thank you and in return I’m going to follow yours…

  1. What a photo-shoot this was bulldog! Final shot is the winner. That expression is awesome ~ emotional actually!! And your words are great hear — just a tad of poetry i think… even though you did not intend it …:) Great post – always appreciate your sharing these special pieces of your world…. ~xR

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