Eye Spy… Remember the Game.?

I played the game with the horses of Kathu… had to look closely to see what they could see…

Len 28-09-2012 005

Len 28-09-2012 008












Len 28-09-2012 009

Len 28-09-2012 010











Len 28-09-2012 016

len 26-09-2012 032











This guy was being serious about the game.. on close inspection I could see myself……

len 26-09-2012 031

The one on the right is the eye of a camel… he didn’t want to play the game….

len 26-09-2012 058

Len14-15-09-2012 004












And finally the eyes of beauty… my Grand Daughters eyes… what will she see in the future.????

Len14-15-09-2012 074