Springbok…..Springbokke (The rugby team)

Springbok [Antidorcas marsupialis]

The national rugby team of South Africa is still known as the Springboks.

Springbok in their hundreds of thousands roamed the arid regions of southern Africa at the time the first settlers arrived, but the herds were quickly decimated. The Springbok is the most abundant antelope in the central and western parts of South Africa. Some herds are still free roaming within some of its natural range, but most are now confined to farmlands and reserves.

Rams may weigh up to 50 Kg, and ewes only up to 37 Kg. Their striking body colour renders them easily recognizable. Shoulders appear lower than the hindquarters. Cinnamon coloured upper body, white under parts and a broad dark brown stripe on either flank stretching from the front legs to the rear legs. The short white tail is brown tufted. The rump is marked by a triangular-shaped white patch, framed by a dark brown stripe with the apex on the top of the hindquarters. Horns of ewes are more slender and shorter than those of rams.

Only rams establish territories for mating opportunities. The exception is territorial rams, which prefer to live in the solitude of their territories. Herd composition is flexible.













09-07-2012 096

09-07-2012 095













09-07-2012 094

09-07-2012 092













09-07-2012 089

25 thoughts on “Springbok…..Springbokke (The rugby team)

  1. Gorgeous creatures, bdt. Love your photos. You captures their grace and beauty so perfectly. Die Bokke, are neither gorgeous, graceful nor beautiful, but they’re awesome creatures, nevertheless. 😆

  2. Beautiful shots bullldog. What distinct patterning and territories for mating? So interesting. You captured some lovely shots here…They look like they should be in a Disney movie ! xxoo Sending Love your way ~ RL

    • They are very unique in that way… and yet the colouring gives then such good camouflage no matter where you encounter them… now that you mention it yes a Disney movie type animal…

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