Northern Black Korhaan.

Northern Black Korhaan or White-quilled Bustard (Afrotis afraoides)

This bird is one of the characters of semi-arid grasslands.    In flight the white primary “windows” are diagnostic. It is a conspicuous bird, with a plain black neck, bright yellow legs and red base to the bill being key features. It is common and widespread, mostly sedentary and usually solitary.

The call is a raucous “kraak kraak” from the ground. It has faster notes in display flight.

It lives in arid and semi-arid savannah and grassland and also old agricultural lands. Its eating habits are omnivorous, preferring insects and small reptiles, also seeds. It’s eggs are laid on bare ground.

Courtship is elaborate, involving multiple females and one male and featuring exaggeratedly undulating flight displays, playful chasing and the male displaying his white breast patches. The male is extremely protective of his 200-300 m2 territory, fighting other males by striking with his wings, after which the other male usually flies off.





















tue 19-07-2011 180


39 thoughts on “Northern Black Korhaan.

    • Thank you so much… the words just seemed to play out with the birds antics… every time just before his calling he did the full check, over and over… I watched him for a good half hour with his little flights etc… most amusing…

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