Pretoria.. The City of Jacarandas…

Jacaranda.. the genus name is also the common name.

Pretoria.. the executive (administrative) and de facto national capital.

The month of October sees this beautiful city come alive with the colour of the Jacaranda. There are reputed to be between 50 000 and 70 000 trees in the city. The first two trees where planted in 1888 and have spread their wings throughout the city… The city streets are lined with them and their beautiful show cannot be disputed… This is just one short street I use to go and visit my Mum in the home for those getting on in age….

rietvlei 28-10-2012 381

The tree has since been declared an “alien invader plant” and categorised in the third category. In terms of the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act, No. 43 of 1983, as amended in March 2001, it can be kept only on certain strict conditions in South Africa: 1). shall not occur on any land or inland water surface other than in a biological control reserve. However, plants already in existence at the time of commencement of these regulations (March 2001) may continue to exist, provided they are not within 30 metres of the 1:50 year flood line of a river, stream, lake or other type of inland water body. In addition, the “executive officer” can impose further conditions on Category 3 plants already in existence at the time these regulations were imposed, which might include removing them if the situation demands it.

rietvlei 28-10-2012 382

2). It must be controlled by the land user to curtail the spread of these plants.

3). It may not be planted, established, maintained, multiplied or propagated.

4). It may not be imported, sold or acquired.

rietvlei 28-10-2012 383

5). and it can be exempted from the above regulations through written exemption from “the executive officer”, provided there is a good reason for it.

I’m sure our internationally know capital city would receive an exemption.

rietvlei 28-10-2012 384

70 thoughts on “Pretoria.. The City of Jacarandas…

  1. What Beauty expressed by Mother Earth!!! I see them as Global Citizens, not Alien Invaders. They emit a higher vibrational frequency through their colour. Alas that bureaucracy is so often restrictive and limited in its thinking. People come here from all over the world to Victoria BC Canada to see our flowering trees and shrubs in season. I’d also visit Pretoria just to see those Global Citizens too. There is so much insane destructon of Nature’s Beauty happening around the globe that I do hope you don’t lose this too. Many thanks for sharing these photos and info!

    • I think they are safe for now, as they won’t be taken out… it’s just no new ones can be planted… If I know South Africans… they will propagate some themselves and continue planting…

  2. Areas where they are street trees here haven’t come out in full yet. When they do, I will photo & post – but not sure if they will come up to this standard. It must look absolutely glorious! The photos are lovely!

  3. Amazing … never seen anything that lilac in my life before … seen the cherry trees in Victoria, Vancouver in the spring – just the same … but pink and more pink everywhere on the trees and on the streets and pavements. Stunning photos.

    • Thank you so much… for the look in and comment… it is one of those occurrences that the city is known for … and when the whole city is covered there are a few vantage points from which one can look down on it… to see all these flowers covering the city…amazing…

  4. I fall in love with them always… I could live under these beautiful trees forever… So beautiful so beautiful… Thank you dear Rob, once again you fascinated me this morning. Thank you, love, nia

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful bulldog! The color!!!!!

    Oh my – so much to catch up on! Still at a remote location ~ as my house had no power or hot water or heat till just tonight… so will be going home tomorrow! This has been an adventure – power/heat/hot water was also lost at hotel for 2 days — finally got internet here tonight. All is safe though – for which I am grateful… Our house got hit mostly on property — but thankfully structure was spared. Thankfully we raised our house to renovate several years back. Many nearby lost homes… or stories of home… so sad ~ Thank you for all your prayers dear friend ~ Blessings ~ RL xo

    • It so good to hear your safe and your house is still in tact…We have watched the TV and internet and seen the devastation in some of the towns… it is hard to believe that wind and water can do so much damage in such a short time….
      The flooding I can half understand seeing our house has been flooded twice within the last 11 years, once when we were in it, to loose everything…but no life lost so what we lost was just material things that can be replaced… our houses being brick and mortar seem to be able to withstand a bit more than the American houses, but then if we had earth quakes we would have nothing left….
      Got side tracked… Hope you return to the house and find all 100% Ok… I assume your Hubbie has made it back to your side and will go back home with you,,,, I pray all is well and the return to normality is fast and un-painful… God bless and Hugs to all of you that side of the sea….

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of trees! We have plenty of Jacaranda in Southern California, and one of the things we know is that they don’t all bloom at the same time. Is that true for your climate also? We can have a street lined with the beautiful trees and several will bloom one month, and others the next, and that can go on for months. But they are exquisite when in bloom. They photograph beautifully!

    • Here come October they break out and the majority bloom all at the same time… a magnificent sight to see… and when the flowers fall the carpet they create is just as magnificent… then I have to admit it becomes a bit of a mess but for the beauty I say it’s worth it…

  7. I actually thought these were native Australian trees (because we have many of them as well), but when I read your post I Googled the tree and they are native to South America. They certainly are a beautiful colour, but the mess they leave …. argh!

    • The photos will never be as good as the actual sightings… I tried all sorts of angles to bring out the size and beauty… but these were the best… but not anywhere near the actual real life look…

    • The country when it became a one man one vote government the new members became very environmentally conscious, something I do agree with… but not to worry these will never be removed but will never be planted again…

  8. I really missed the beautiful Jacaranda trees, when we left Saxonwold in Jhbg. Even when the blossoms fall, the streets look wonderful with that lilac carpet. It’s very sad that they’ve been declared alien invaders. They are so much part of the Highveld. 😦

  9. Ah ha! Finally a tree we have here too, as a matter of fact I have one along side my driveway. These photos are stunning, especially the first one, just beautiful. I am actually amazed you have them there.

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