Ostrich and their Young..

The Ostrich have started with their young, if you remember I posted the dance of romance… well here’s the result….(click on the high lighted to see the dance of love of the ostrich)

Moraleta park 001

Moraleta park 002

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 279

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 276












Rietvlei 18-10-2012 274

28 thoughts on “Ostrich and their Young..

  1. The babies are just so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ostrich baby! The adults are such odd birds, yet I think we all find them completely fascinating! Great to see them as a family! 🙂

    • Thanks… the babes are the most wonderful bird to try and raise….and I have successfully raised 100 s… but their learning curve is the most difficult to teach… they are not like other birds that seem to know what they want to eat… these things eat anything they see, including my cell phone and sun glasses…

  2. So cute 🙂 I still like them, even tho one bit me at the age of 3 😉 Me: “Daddy, do they bite?” He: “No, you can put your finger through the fence..”..Well, thanks Dad 😉

    • I raised hundreds of these babies… they bite… they swallow cell phones and dark glasses… I can’t remember all that they stole out my pockets and swallowed… ears nose everything got bitten… I still love them though..

    • They are… and to think such a small chick reaches such a height… as a part of a contract I had, for four years I looked after and raised young ostrich which where then sold… it was a fascinating time and they were such fun to work with… I have so many stories of being chased by breeding adults… and raising the young.?? well I could fill a book with them… loosing a cell phone down the neck of one, dark glasses being taken off my head and swallowed… crazily wonderful times…

        • Well I have 100 000 words down all ready and can’t seem to find and end… but that will come with rewrites and edits…its all about my bush life and such like the raising ostrich etc…
          I have just finished a technical document of 120 000 words and it is now published and ready for sale… so one day soon I hope to finish off the book on my life…

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