Crowned Plover, or Crowned Lapwing.

Crowned Lapwing (Vanellus coronatus), or Crowned Plover.

Crowned Lapwings prefer short dry grassland which may be overgrazed or burnt, but avoid mountains. But one thing they don’t like is when a small green grass snake passes by too close… they raise their wings and peer closely at it, I suppose to intimidate it.. but it does add a certain enjoyment for me as I get to photograph the antics and wing displays, some of which I have to share with you…

rietvlei 28-10-2012 342

rietvlei 28-10-2012 331

rietvlei 28-10-2012 330

rietvlei 28-10-2012 328

rietvlei 28-10-2012 333

rietvlei 28-10-2012 366

rietvlei 28-10-2012 337

rietvlei 28-10-2012 352


16 thoughts on “Crowned Plover, or Crowned Lapwing.

    • It was so fascinating to sit and watch the shenanigans between two things that could actually not harm each other… the snake that was probably so scared of them and just wanted them to go… and them watching him, jumping back when he struck, just wanting the snake to go away… a impasse of the natural kind…

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