Grey Crowned Crane.

Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum).

The Grey crowned crane is the national bird of Uganda, and can be  found in the country’s flag and coat of arms.

This species are the only cranes that can roost in trees, because of a long hind toe that can grasp branches.

The Grey Crowned Crane has a breeding display involving dancing, bowing, and jumping. It has a booming call which involves inflation of the red throat skin. It also makes a honking sound quite different from the trumpeting of other crane species.

The Grey Crowned Crane is about 1 m (3.3 ft.) tall and weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.). Its body plumage is mainly grey. The wings are also predominantly white, but contain feathers with a range of colours. The head has a crown of stiff golden feathers. The sides of the face are white, and there is a bright red inflatable throat pouch. The bill is relatively short and grey, and the legs are black.

Although the Grey Crowned Cranes remain common over much of their range, it faces threats to its habitat due to drainage, overgrazing, and pesticide pollution. In 2012 it was upgraded from Vulnerable to Endangered by the IUCN.

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51 thoughts on “Grey Crowned Crane.

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    • It is one of the most spectacular birds I’ve known about most of my life… and at last I’ve managed to get on camera… I’ve got the black egret posting next week… it is another I’ve wanted to capture for life long with their most unusual fishing technique… got it on the same day…

  3. What a beautiful bird! I hope that being put in a threatened category will speed the response to correct measures towards its protection. Is that possible? It seems that being the national bird there would be an all-out effort to protect it? It’s such an unusual and beautiful species!

    • This is not our National Bird, that I will be posting next week as I managed to capture it as well…. but yes steps have been taken to protect, breed and set aside areas specially for it… I don’t think its as critical as our own Bird, but still…

      • I understood that it was the national bird of Uganda, but thought it was endangered there. I suppose in many ways all these wonderful animals and birds are threatened worldwide, it’s just a matter of degrees. Maintaining natural habitat is always going to be a big problem. I will look forward to learning about your national bird. Each one is so beautiful! 🙂

        • The endangered list covers the whole area where it is found… so numbers internationally are going down… I read the other day that power lines have been the cause of so many deaths of cranes… and that known flight corridors all power lines now have these balls on them so the birds can see them… Just goes to show… we want lights and a bird suffers…

    • It is unusual and I wonder how many other birds can brag of such an elaborate hair do… thanks for the comment as always…
      Your Gravatar fascinates me… is it you, or are you using a photo of someone else, like Belinda Carlisle ??? or is Ronnie Hammer , Belinda..???

  4. amazing bird and photos! the second, third and the last are my favorites. The second looks like it could be an ad for some kind of beauty product, hmm…hair conditioner? what a stunning bird, fantastic job capturing it.

  5. I need a “Love” button!!! I bow down to you, oh photography god! These are absolutely amazing captures, and I can totally understand your excitement. No way could I have waited to post them either, and I’m so glad that you included us in your exciting moment :).

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