What is the Bulldog up to.?? Look…

I had a very successful day yesterday… and photographed 3 birds I’ve been trying to capture for years…and I got them all in one day…. here’s a small taster?? Watch this space, coming soon to a blog site near you…. not in cinemascope, or Imax, or even 3D, but flat and fantastic, on this very site….. (are you now excited???)…

tania 121

tania 070

tania 051


28 thoughts on “What is the Bulldog up to.?? Look…

  1. I’ve decided you must be a very patient man! It takes a lot of effort to capture such wonderful photos. I look forward to everything you share. I would sure enjoy seeing these birds in their natural habitat. 🙂

    • To see them out and about is something special…. these however were found in a smallish camp… ringed, and if they get released or can fly away by themselves is unknown…. there is certainly no restriction so they can’t fly away so one assumes they do…. but such beauty…

  2. Congratulations!! It must have been such a thrilling day to accomplish three goals in one day……These are just such awesome birds!! I wish I had been there to see them 🙂

  3. That is one exciting day. I would jumping and happy too if I see something like this in person. Birds in their natural habitat have a certain magic and charisma that captures our imagination. Have a great week!

  4. Hmmm, Blue Heron, Secretary Bird and Black Swan??? Just guessing here. Always look forward to your beautiful photo’s 🙂 Laura

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