27 thoughts on “Paintbrush Lily, also often called the pincushion lily.

  1. I have this in a large pot that grew leaves every year. This year was the first time it sent up a flower. I never new what it was. The flower head was the size of a dinner plate. My partner bought the plant very little and it didn’t have a tag so for 6years we wondered what it was. We repotted it a couple of times to a very large pot but the plant didn’t do anything except shoot leaves so it was pretty much watered and left in a shady spot. The flower was the most gorgeous tones of dark burgundy outer cup with center of rusty, orange and burnt browny hues. And then the berries seed pods. The flower helped us identify the plant.

  2. So lovely bulldog ~ I can see both the paintbrush and pincushion potential here!!! Are they soft to the touch ~ or a bit sharp? Such a vibrant shade of coral ~ and great captures!! ~ Sending Love from the land of hurricane-aftermath 🙂 Robyn

    • Howzit to the land of hurricanes and elections…. it is actually softish to the touch but quite sticky… I am weary of touching things like this in case I disturb the pollinators… but it is of such a brilliant colour that at the moment you can’t help but spot them where I walk among the green grass…
      Hope all is returning to normal there by you, and not to much damage… how is the pain and discomfort holding out? and have you a beach left.??…

    • That it does… these are springing up all over now that we have had plenty of spring rain, and where I walk the brush burnt this year so one spots them far easier…
      Yesterday morning I was watching a couple of Rhino having a battle and spotted on in the area, I wanted to take a snap of it and try and include it with the Rhino nose to nose… before I could it got trodden on and literally disappeared … but then I suppose when a ton or two is fighting above you what chance do you have…

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