Rhino’s do Battle in Pretoria.

The White Rhinos of Pretoria, Battle at Rietvlei.

“Yesterday morning a small group of White Rhinos did battle at Rietvlei… It is reported that the battle continued all day… “

I would never make a newspaper man… I captured a few photos yesterday of Rhinos doing battle with each other… these thrusts and parry’s are never meant to do harm but when a few tons of armour plated beasts push each other around it looks very dramatic and dangerous, I suspect this was merely a battle of wills or dominance, but it did continue on and off for the whole day… then again maybe one of the ladies was nearing the right time and this was a battle for her favours… who knows with nature.??? but it was good to watch…

rietvlei 037

rietvlei 041

rietvlei 048

rietvlei 054

rietvlei 069

rietvlei 079

rietvlei 092