Black Heron, an Interesting Hunter.

Black Heron (Egretta ardesiaca) also known as the Black Egret.

The Black Heron I’ve been trying to capture on film for years.. it has the most spectacular fishing technique I’ve ever seen…  it uses its wings like an umbrella, and uses the shade it creates, to attract fish, this interesting hunting method’s called canopy feeding.

It is a medium-sized (42.5–66 cm in height), black-plumaged heron with yellow legs and feet. It is found south of the Sahara Desert, and prefers shallow open waters, such as the edges of freshwater lakes and ponds. It may also be found in marshes, river edges, and seasonally flooded grasslands.

Some Black Herons feed solitarily, while others feed in groups of up to 50 individuals, 200 being the highest number reported. The Black Heron feeds by day but especially prefers the time around sunset. The primary food is small fish, but it’ll also eat aquatic insects, crabs and amphibians.

Here is a short time line of a hunt……..









56 thoughts on “Black Heron, an Interesting Hunter.

  1. Hi,
    For those who had watched the Black Heron. Did you ever notice whether this bird practices the canopy fishing around the year or only in certain months?

    Thank you

    • Hi.. good question. . Although I’d hazard a guess at yes it does use this throughout the year. The reason I make this guess is a lot of the bird photographers I follow have shared photos of this bird at different times of the year, using the canopy method… but any one else wish to chip in here?

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  4. You Would have to be proud of these, after waiting so long to take these photos. Seeing a bird fishing like this is amazing. I might have to try an umbrella and a handline at Coves End

    • Shade or hide .. who knows but the bird has developed a manner of fooling them into a false sense of security…
      Nature is wonderful… and this bird is wonderful for performing right in front of me…

  5. Ok, I’ve just decided that you have become my national geographic replacement!! This was such a fascinating post, and as usual I learned something totally new because I had never heard of canopy feeding before. Great photos Bulldog :).

  6. Amazing, I’ve never seen. It ‘a true spectacle of nature, which has a strange way of fishing, really beautiful and your photos
    have described it very well Hello, good day

  7. Thanks for this Bulldog …. I don’t believe I have ever seen this bird, never mind the fishing part! I am thinking I should be taking myself off to Rietvlei dam again. Laura

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