Remembrance Day… Poppy Day…



What stirs deep within their spirits and soul,

When they hear the pipes and drummer’s roll,

Old Veterans marching at an arthritic pace,

Young Drum-Major twirling his splendid mace.

So proud they are, knowing they were the best,

Campaign medals blazoned on their chest.

Charlie my dear comrade was such a Vet,

The most amazing man I have ever met.

Wheelchair bound, not allowed on parade,

Shell shocked, wounded, memories don’t fade.

Remembrance Day, Cape Town, eighty four,

Charlie and I would settle the score…

As the command came to ‘Forward March”

I pushed Charlie past ranks of ‘faded starch’

Following the Banner bearers and the band.

Acknowledging the crowd with saluted hand

Charlie beamed like some prized Cheshire cat.

He was the star attraction, no doubt about that.

Charlie and I once met the Queen on parade,

Philip questioned Charlie’s medals and braid

Despite the protests from the old Veterans side,

I pushed Charlie on parades until the day he died.

Alf Hutchison Author “Sounds of distant Drums”



19 thoughts on “Remembrance Day… Poppy Day…

  1. I honor the “Charlies,” too! Wonderful poem….and so hauntingly sad. When I was still quite young I saw photos in a LIFE magazine from the Rhodesian War. It was terrible and frightening. But it has only been recently that I’ve been trying to learn more. I am glad you share from time to time. You encourage me to keep learning.

    • It is a time of my life I remember with so much joy and happiness, yet at the same time sad for those that lost their lives and actually for what?? One lives through these things without much thought at the time… but with age I now sit and analysis it all, sadly…

  2. This reminded me of my late dad, who I miss so much. He fought in the Rhodesian bush war and was a proud MOTH until the end. Thank you for honouring the old soldiers!

  3. For some reason this day always makes me feel teary as I’m reminded of those (including my relatives) who fought so valiantly for their country. There are not many of them left now to march and it’s good to see their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren carrying on the tradition.

    Alf Hutchison’s poem is beautiful…

    Lest We Forget…

    • I have lost friends in combat in Rhodesia.. and it seems only yesterday… yet when I remember the dates… it is a long time back… but it is good that the younger generations give it thought as it might just stop a conflict in the future… Alf, a very good friend of mine, has the best poetry that he can sit and pop them out.. I wish I had that talent…

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