The common eland (Taurotragus oryx)

I just happened to capture these photos as an eland moved behind a Zebra. I didn’t see the potential of the photos till I down-loaded to the computer…

A zebra is not that small an antelope, weighing in at approx. 350 kg. or 770 lbs. and standing 1.3 m. or 4 ft. 4 inches at the shoulder… an Eland however is the second largest antelope in the World… weighing in at an average 600 kg. or 1320 lbs. and 1,6 m. or 5 ft. at the shoulder. This young bull or youngish bull moved into frame and passed behind the zebra, demonstrating just how darn big he is….

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 305 Rietvlei 18-10-2012 306











Rietvlei 18-10-2012 307

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 308











Rietvlei 18-10-2012 309

This is either a small zebra, or one big mother of an eland…………………….


34 thoughts on “Eland…

    • It is seldom that one sees them together… and this was one of those… but it brought a message home to me.. an Eland is a big antelope… the wildebeest and Zebra are common grazers and the thought is that the Zebra see their enemies faster than the other, so they are used as an early warning system… This Eland bull I think was possibly chased from the herd because of breeding time.. and he’s not yet big enough to challenge the bigger boys.. he will return when that time is over….

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