Kaapsehoop in Mpumalanga.. a haven for Wild Horses.

I have posted on the wild horses of Kaapsehoop before…. https://visitstothepark.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/wild-horses-of-kaapsehoop-in-mpumalanga-rsa/   but I felt I had to add a few more photos that I found on the computer the other day…. enjoy…


Wedding day 013A

Wedding day 031











Wedding day 032

Wedding day 051




























52 thoughts on “Kaapsehoop in Mpumalanga.. a haven for Wild Horses.

  1. Stunning shots – love horses, but I’m a bit afraid of them – massive animals close up. Have only seen wild horses once and that was on Easter Island – they were on the rocks in the ocean too. Totally fearless. The sign is brilliant.

    • I’m going to do a post on the village where these horses roam… it is such a wonderful place (one of my favourites) where time seems to have stood still and nature is left to do it’s thing…

  2. Beautiful horses …. glad to see the Rhino’s too. I really hope the next generation will be able to see some in their natural habitat and not as pictures alongside the Dodo. Laura

    • How I agree with you… with 528 Rhinos already taken out this year in Kruger it is painfully obvious that they need to become more aggressive… but I did see the last poacher, buyer, exporter… got a 40 year sentence.. I still prefer what is happening in Zimbabwe… if your carrying a gun in the wrong place they shoot you… good on them.. it’s going to take more than those few for the human race to become extinct…

    • Now these horses are wild yet unafraid .. not that they will approach you but are pretty used to human audiences… now all I have to do is the next time go there is use ideas I’ve learnt from you… and maybe I can also create a bit of magic like you do… OR.. I need to see these horses as though through your eyes… and I don’t think I’m creative enough to do that.. but I am going to try…

  3. Exquisite…and I noticed the butterfly you caught in the first one! I love horses and you’ve taught me something I never suspected…South Africa has wild horses! The fact that they survive is amazing. They would have a lot more to tolerate than our wild horses. Thanks for such a great bunch of shots!

    • Thank you… they do very well in the area.. and I suspect keep the village lawns closely mown .. we spent a few nights there the year our house was flooded… and to see these horses at night in the moon light cavorting around was magical…

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