Kaapsehoop Waterfall.. a casual stroll…

There is a wonderful little stroll across to a waterfall near the village, an easy walk down and not to bad back up. Down to the bottom of the waterfall is a different story, but me being me, a hot day, and no one around… a skinny dip seamed the way to go… till I felt the water… I wonder where they keep the refrigeration unit..??  It could have been a very small, painful swim….

On the way I passed horses…













There didn’t seem to be enough to eat…


and further down one catches sight of the water fall…. disappearing into a hole…


The climb down and the resultant sight made it well worth the effort…
















This pool seemed the ideal spot to skinny dip… till the water temperature told me differently…


























This waterfall is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Kaapsehoop… one passes and old grave yard on the way, if that scratches your fancy..

44 thoughts on “Kaapsehoop Waterfall.. a casual stroll…

  1. I spent many happy hours at Kaapsehoop as a child and went back about a year ago.Still lovely but of course a lot of the natural bush has been cleared for the pine tree plantations.The wild horses always look a bit thin in winter but the locals do look after them(including vets).They are very strong and healthy actually.Kaapsehoop is an important breeding place for the endangered Blue Swallow.

    • We when living in Lydenburg visited there more times than I can remember and got so friendly with some of the locals that we actually felt much at home… the pancake den owner became a personal friend and we always ate there as they did at my wife’s place in Lydenburg when they came shopping… I have 100 s of photos of the horses but in all the visits I never managed to capture a good picture of the Blue Swallow when they were in residence… so I keep going back when I can to get the illusive photo of that bird… it will be a winner for me the day I get it…thanks for the visit..but where are you now that you’ve only gone back now when you spent so much time there as a child??

      • i grew up in Barberton,a stones throw away.I go back often to the Eastern Transvaal (usually Kruger)but always seem to bypass Kaapsehoop.

        • adair.. Kruger is probably my stomping ground… but when in the area I have to play golf at Barberton, Komatipoort and Malelane… just for the memories of playing them when I was in the Lydenburg league team… loved Barberton, my wife was born there…

    • We have so many in our area being the divide between the highveld and the lowveld… and this one is actually quite small, but it just seems different, not that high but drops into a cavern, which makes the climb down magnificent…

  2. Loved it! Loved it! I probably would have screamed at the top of my lungs, but I would not have been able to resist a dip in that water!

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