Common Fiscal

The Common Fiscal (Lanius collaris)

A member of the shrike family found through most of Sub-Saharan Africa. Some times named Fiscal Shrike, Jackie Hangman and Butcher Bird due to its habit of impaling its prey on acacia thorns to store the food for later consumption.

This is a fairly distinctive 21–23 cm long passerine with white under parts and black upper parts extending from the top of the head down to the tail. The bird has a characteristic white ‘V’ on the back and a relatively long black tail with white outer feathers and white tips on the other feathers. The bill, eyes and legs are black.

Juveniles identification is more of a challenge.  These were an easy ID, the mother was feeding them….




yard tania 008

yard tania 003

yard tania 006

yard tania 010

yard tania 013



46 thoughts on “Common Fiscal

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  2. Shrikes are amongst my favourite birds – not that I ever got a photo anything like as good as these. They are VERY rare in the UK, but fairly common in Spain & Portugal.

  3. These are the best!!!! He looks a bit like bulldog??!! 🙂 🙂 ~ You are a natural at this creative writing stuff bd ~ and those shots are so simply spectacular — beautiful birds ! ~ Love to you and Linda ~ RL

    • Thanks Robin… I decided just to wander around in the yard and see what I could capture, got 7 different specie, but this was by far the best capture… and the young appeared unafraid and quite comfortable with me aiming a camera at them…

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    • Thank you… I started this blog to share my photos with the family.. as we are all into photography of wild life and nature… but spread so far apart… but it has now become so much more for me knowing that others all over the world are enjoying them as much as my family… I must admit we are a bit competitive among the family for the best photos… and the blogging is helping me win hands down as I now spend more time trying to get better shots for the blog… wonderful.

    • They are a very aggressive bird and you often see them stealing food from other birds and I even have photos of them robbing nests of young chicks of other specie… and merely pinning the chick on a thorn and going back for another…

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