Rock Formations near Kaapsehoop.

The village of Kaapsehoop, originally gained fame as a gold mining town once known as the the Devil’s Office. Established towards the end of the 19th century, when gold was discovered in 1882 in a small creek running through the town. This led to a portion of the original township layout being cancelled and opened up for gold diggings. However, the earlier better paying discoveries of gold at both Pilgrim’s Rest in 1873 and Barberton in 1881, followed by the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand in 1886 (later to become the city of Johannesburg), coupled with the meagre returns obtained at Kaapsehoop, led to the town going into decline, and becoming almost a ghost town.

It has now become a popular weekend retreat with its period housing and includes many accommodation establishments. The town is amid the rock out crop, a fascinating formation… and with the horses is a hotly photographed area…

The rock field formations near the town are made up of quartzite’s. Here are a few photos I’ve taken, but it is difficult to decide which to post, as what I like you might not.. here goes…














































55 thoughts on “Rock Formations near Kaapsehoop.

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  3. This is SO interesting…..First of all,I’ve always like and been fascinated with rock formations like this..used to collect rocks as a kid and still do from Bob’s pasture…..and of course!, you combined it with horses!! What could be better?

  4. I love these rock formations, Bulldog! They are really beautiful. I like them all for different reasons. Some are so prominent and the shapes remind me of large anvils. But the shots taken from a distance really give the sense of proportion and how they are covering such a large expanse. They indicate such a sense of age!

    • Thank you.. the one thing I’ve felt difficult, was the depicting of their size and expanse… they caver a huge area and it is difficult to capture this in a two dimensional form…

    • It is most strange that this formation is at the top of the escarpment, from the look out point you can look down on the lowveld and actually see towns that are 40 – 50 km away… these outcrops with grass in between that seems to be growing on a very fertile soil… amazing…

    • I have taken so many photos of these rocks and none seem to show their true beauty… the shapes and deformities if I can call them that fascinate me… I often wonder how they came to lie in the formation that they are.. almost hand placed and arranged…

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