Cape Longclaw..

Cape Longclaw or Orange-throated Longclaw (Macronyx capensis)

The Cape Longclaw is 19–20 cm long. The adult male has a grey head with a buff supercilium (The arch of hair above each eye) and a streaked blackish back. It has a bright orange gorget (Armour plate that protects the neck), black breast band and otherwise yellow under parts. The female is duller, having a yellow throat and much weaker breast band.

The Cape Longclaw is usually found in pairs throughout the year. It feeds on the ground on insects and some seeds.

Rietvlei 9-5-2012 066

Rietvlei 9-5-2012 065
















Rietvlei 18-10-2012 008

Rietvlei 18-10-2012 009

26 thoughts on “Cape Longclaw..

    • Another notch on the belt in my quest to photograph as many of the 900 odd specie that we have here… got so far still to go… with only 300 odd photographed… thank you kind Lady for such a sweet comment…”Professor Bulldog” I like that makes me sound knowledgeable… maybe I should put that on my CV…

    • I have so many more to post.. and I’m using WP as a record of all the specie that I have photoed… still got so many more to go… with 900 different birds, I’ve only managed to capture 300 odd on camera… still a long walk ahead of me…

    • Thanks Julie… yes beautiful but strange… one of those birds I post merely to get on record of having captured on camera… my ambition, to get as many of the possible 900 species in our country on my blog… I have captured nearly 300 so far so have a long way to go…

        • You might just be surprised.. I was I thought I’d captured them all… one thing I do know is you have some very unique specie that come nowhere else except in Australia… my cousin who has been there many times on holidays has come back with some very beautiful photos of your birds… he visits more on the East coast …

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