Thick-billed Weaver…

The Thick-billed Weaver or Grosbeak Weaver (Amblyospiza albifrons)

Like the other weavers the male will work hard building a nest hoping a female will grace his home and raise his young… The male is a darker colour than the female… here are a few photos I quickly captured during a round of golf… imagine going to play golf with your camera near at hand….

The male… in the second photo, a yellow weaver, is hard at work building it’s own nest…

second day test 083

second day test 032





















second day test 063

And then to be so lucky that two holes later I find a female thick-billed weaver….



38 thoughts on “Thick-billed Weaver…

  1. Wow … your photos are getting better and better. Stunning – the second top is my favorite, with the nest and the two birds. The yellow bird is so pretty.

  2. Oh my ~ those last 2 shots as a pair – amazing!!! So they take on the traditional roles again — isn’t it wild how this seems to be almost predetermined in every species ? ! xxooo

    • Thank you Robyn.. yes a nuance of nature… I have witnessed so many times… the thick billed unlike the yellow weaver in the one photo, builds a very similar nest except his entrance is from the side and not below…

  3. I remember how those weavers used to strip our grasses bare in Jo’burg. Loved watching them at work. Great pics, bdt. I hope your golf shots are even half as good as your camera shots. 😀

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