Yellow-billed Stork…A Fisherman’s Tale..

Yellow-billed Stork (Mycteria ibis).

The Yellow-billed Stork (Mycteria ibis) is a large wading bird in the stork family (Now that must have come as a surprise to you… a yellow-billed stork part of the stork family..??? Bulldog go to bed.. you need sleep.) It occurs in Africa south of the Sahara and in Madagascar. Its a medium-sized stork. Length: 97 cm; average body weight for males: 2.3 kg; for females: 1.9 kg. Plumage mainly pinkish-white with black wings and tail; bill yellow, blunt, and de-curved at tip.

Ok and how and what do they eat???? wake up….

They have a fishing technique of using one foot to stir up the water to flush out prey. A quick muscular reflex in the neck enables yellow-billed storks to catch almost all of their food in the water. Brilliant.!!!! I know, I know, they eat……Crustaceans, small fish, frogs, insects and worms.

Now here’s a gob-smacking fact for you….!!!!

The books say these birds do not socialise with each other… notice do not … then I wonder what is going on here.. a committee meeting, a union..?? A gathering of the clan to remind each and everyone “Hey, fellows we don’t like socialising, have you forgotten the fact.???” Or is this the Bus Stop to tomorrow..?? A funeral.? A wake.? Someone should let them know they don’t like socialising…!!!!!!

Wed 27-07-2011 031

Now this one looks as though he’s saying “if that croc gets any nearer.. I’m going to have to move..”

Wed 27-07-2011 041

Ooooooh… a fishing we will go, a fishing we will go, hi ho a merryio a fishing we will go….

Wed 27-07-2011 052

Wed 27-07-2011 030

Wed 27-07-2011 029

Wed 27-07-2011 028


39 thoughts on “Yellow-billed Stork…A Fisherman’s Tale..

  1. You know, it’s standing on one leg like that while dizzy that got me in big trouble during yoga. And now I have to go to physical therapy instead of yoga classes. I wouldn’t make a very good Yellow-billed stork…

    • I’m not sure how to answer this comment… picturing you on one leg at yoga… I thought with yoga one sat on your tail end and tried your best to get your legs tied in knots in different position … physical therapy can be far more painful than yoga… specially if you get a sadistic therapist…

  2. how absolutely stunning, though i have to say that i am a little disappointed that it cannot talk like so many of your other bird friends.. didn’t it say anything Doctor D? c

  3. I hope because I say the same thing almost every time you don’t think I’m being disingenuous! I am in such awe of the variety of birds you encounter. We were at an Imax theater presentation today that was really focused on the treasures of Egypt, but in the film footage there were so many birds and animals that I couldn’t help but think of you! South Africa is an incredible region! I love these guys! 🙂

    • Thank you.. and you can continue to tell me how lucky I am, just in case I become complacent and forget the fact… some times the news stories make me wonder if I’m so lucky, then a day or two with the camera looking for something different does remind me how lucky I am…

  4. Hmmm….they are together, but they are not looking at each other. I don’t know bulldog. Great set of shots though and I love that last one, it’s a beautiful bird.

    • I agree, I often wonder where the “experts” get there info or how they make these deductions… I have often come across large groups together… but none of these experts would ever lower themselves to look at my blog or for that matter pay much attention to someone like me that often spends time just sitting and observing nature and all it’s strange nuances… I am preparing a post on just such a fact that I’ve observed for the last 3 weeks of how a mother Fiscal Shrike has taught her two offspring how to hunt for their own food… and this I’ve done just by quietly sitting and observing… wonderful this thing called nature…

  5. What incredible photos! Also a bit of a coincidence that we both wrote about an ibis bird today. I wouldn’t mind borrowing a bit of your photographic skill though!

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