Yellow Weaver.. the Master Builder

Yellow Weaver (ploceus subaureus).

This little master builder will congregate with his fellow men and build nests near each other, hoping to attract a female of the specie. It does look quite hilarious when a female shows up, with all these men now competing against each other for her attention..

The Yellow weaver can only be found along the East coast of South Africa, I’m not sure how far north it is found but probably up into Mozambique..

It is a smallish bird only 17cm. long … feeds on flying insects that it captures on the wing… and like other weavers it does enjoy a bit of nectar from flowers…

The weaver family is known for their intricately built nests… woven material that is collected from all sources with a hanging entrance… very neat and strong..








47 thoughts on “Yellow Weaver.. the Master Builder

  1. many intricacies involved in building these nests. They seem to pay great attention to detail:) God’s gift to them.. first photo was so well taken as are the rest. lovely colors..

    • They are as per their name weavers… and to sit and watch how he will weave each piece together all into a greater master plan of his house is amazing… and his work ethic during the day… I often wonder if he eats whilst busy building…

  2. What a handsome llittle bird this yellow weaver is! So interesting how they set out to attract the ladies hugh? 🙂 And they are masterfull at their trade it seems too! Fantastic images bulldog ~ thank you for always sharing and teaching! xo RL

  3. What an impressive little engineer! We have a small similar bird here that weaves little houses from our party lights on our veranda. They hang like Chinese lanterns. Once the house is finished and they come back, I’ll try to get some pics of them 😀 Mind you – they won’t be nearly as good as your pics!

  4. Yes, very pretty yellow bird! I put out bird feeders in the winter here and I love to watch them from my kitchen window…not as spectacular as what you get to see and capture, but I love nature. Thanks for sharing, Bulldog!

    • Thank you… I can sit and watch them all day… then when the female comes along and does her inspection and she’s not happy…. o boy… he pulls it apart and starts again….

  5. What a lovely birds… the colours amazing, fascinated me dear Rob, and also in the first one, the position and how he looks at you, fascinated too! Great shots. Thank you, love, nia

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