Where Did I go..? The Bulldog was Missing..

We had to make a quick business trip to Durban for business. Durban is our International harbour City and handles major shipping visits, this causes the roads between it and the other major cities to be fairly congested with the 18 wheelers. A 650 km trip for us, started at 4.30 am, on what we thought would be the quietest day off the week, still turned up 5 accidents, the one with bodies under covers on the road.

We got there safely, because I’m such a good driver…. (“You drive too fast” shouts Linda, “tell them about the speeding fine.”.) That’s a minor..

We found Durban wet, not just wet but wet….

But the second morning, at my usual rising time gave me a photo opportunity… from the flat balcony…

durban 001

Then it started to get lighter……

durban 005

And I had a visitor, hoping I had a morsel for him… I didn’t… he looked fat enough in any case…

durban 014

I wasn’t the only one up… a lone fisherman hoping to catch breakfast….

durban 033

And then the Sun started to make an appearance….

durban 024

durban 042

Then the day turned out not to bad… for a while… and then it rained again…. records show that in some areas the rainfall figures are the highest recorded in 140 years…. and the end of the year is still not here…

durban 044

durban 045

And a ship passed by…… On its way to the Durban Harbour… we were staying in Amanzimtoti just south of Durban…

durban 051

And the small fishing boats kept showing up…. too far to see if they caught anything…

durban 056

The apartment block behind us, had a strange name…. I hope the high tide never gets that high….. but anyway we’re back home safe and sound, and will never be able to catch up with all the posts… it was a very successful business trip… but we are still glad to be home in Pretoria…

durban 058


40 thoughts on “Where Did I go..? The Bulldog was Missing..

  1. Pigeons are the same opportunistic looking pigeons the world over it seems. Just to think the Dodo was of the pigeon family.

  2. Hi Rob and Linda, it was great seeing you both and you both look so well. Pity we could not do the drinkie poohs! On Thursday night we had 150 mm rain in Port Edward in th worst thunderstorm I have ever experienced in my life, the lightening was scarey! Southbroom recorded 50 odd mm only. Your Photos are a dream are you still using the same camera?
    Love to you both and next time your here def. drinkie poohs!!!

  3. What an education I get from reading your blog…I love learning new things and the geographical layout of South Africa is something of which I know VERY little! Naturally, Pretoria is a city I’ve heard about, but reading about Durban today was a first for me. I just took a look at google maps to see the mileage involved: 6-7hr drive? 5 accidents? that’s like one every hour or so! yikes!
    It seems your weather is much like ours here in So. Florida with the exception of opposite seasons. I guess that explains why we have many South Africans who’ve emigrated to Vero Beach and also why the plant life is so similar!
    This was a great post with great pictures! I really do enjoy the international flavor of WordPress, don’t you?!

    • It is nice for a visit but I’m not sure I would move back down to the coast again… South Coast for 5 years was probably enough for me… I far prefer the highveld weather and temps…. Durbs is ok for a holiday…

    • Anneli… South Africa is a beautiful place… no matter where you are there is a natural beauty every where… I am still going to post some of my photos taken all over… a beautiful country so diverse from desert to tropical areas… from plains to high mountains… absolute a little bit of paradise as far as we are concerned…

      • That’s good to hear. All we hear about it in the TV news is that there`s always trouble there and everyone is trying to leave. Obviously we`re not getting the whole picture. This is where you come in. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos. Sorry it took me so long to find your blog.

  4. Fabulous pics (even though I can only see half of them – but that may just be my dumb computer!)

    It’s awful seeing accidents on the road. My son is in fire and rescue and he deals with these on a daily basis – I seriously don’t know how he does it. I’m so glad you got there and back without incident! (it’s all in the good driving) 😉

    • One wonders how these accidents happen in broad daylight… and the holiday season traffic should be starting today, we went at the time to avoid it..
      I get that every now and then when the pictures just won’t show… I don’t think it’s the computer I think it’s something to do with WP..

  5. So glad it went well for you bulldog! Used to live in Seattle and Oregon, the rain DOES get to you no matter how incredibly green and gorgeous it is.

  6. Gorgeous shots of Durban bulldog! Love the fisherman…So nice to know where you escaped to. Missed you and your work… I am glad you are a good driver — the scenario sounds familiar though (i’m back-seat driver too!) ~ Welcome home!! x R

    • It is the idiots on the roads that cause the problems, although it amazes me how a car can be on it”s roof on a long straight piece of road with nobody else in sight… Durban is great when the sun shines, the holiday destination of many… and most will be heading off there in the next few days… I hope all the accidents are now over… thanks for the compliment… was not the best light for photos…

  7. Roads and traffic always make me afraid… Especially in this country! I am glad you are fine dear Rob. These photographs are so beautiful, I loved them and also I agree with you about the name of this apartment 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

    • Celi is good at travel and telling us what’s going on, when I go down next week to the opposite side of the country I’ll try and do it like her, or for that matter like some of the other travel bloggers… I took quite a few of the pigeons, but they are not like wild birds…

  8. Glad your back and had a safe trip. Don’t you just love early morning? We’re enjoying some beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the US desert southwest. Postings forthcoming. I’m meeting my first internet blogging friend in person tomorrow and another next week. I’ll keep you posted. Hope you’re staying dry and great photos as usual 🙂

    • Wow when I see how much has been falling… it is unbelievable… I understand the South Coast has been getting the most… I was at 3 different Golf courses there they are just mud from one end to the other… 1987mm rain measured in Southbroom this year so far…

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