Fear can make you do strange things..

Fear of the enemy..

Now if you lived in an area like this……… the Kalahari…


And you look up, the sand is hot and you saw this…..


What the hell would you do.??? Tell me if you were my size you wouldn’t do the same… go on… specially if you were his favourite food…


Don’t you dare laugh.. I feel a lot safer up here and I think he can’t see me….


This flipping shrub is full of sharp points… maybe I should have stayed on the ground….


But then I do have a comfy seat… so lets hang around a bit longer… much cooler than the sand….



39 thoughts on “Fear can make you do strange things..

  1. I fully expected to see the hawk pounce in the next frame! The lizard is really too cute hiding in plain sight in the thorns. Maybe he’s smarter than I think. The hawk probably doesn’t like thorns any better than the lizard! A great post. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂

  2. So you’re off to the Kalahari for a month! Business trip or vacation?
    The look in that hawk’s eye is frightening, isn’t it?! Holy canoli! Not much would get past those eyes! I wonder how long the poor lizard hung of for dear life?
    Nature can be brutal.

    • We leave next week for the area and going to be there for about a month… will look to more landscape photos this time… it is actually a very beautiful place with a different beauty to it…

  3. Whew, good catch, thought as I progressed through the shots I was going to see the bird feasting on the poor reptile. Time for breakfast, no reptile on my menu.

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