Where’s the Bulldog going.??

Kalahari here we come.!!

On Saturday the 15th I’m off to the Kalahari for almost a whole month. The Internet is not of the best… so please miss me… but let me give you a little taste of what you can expect when I return… or rather what I’m going to take photos of……

I don’t know how much blogging time I’m going to get, but it will not be a lot… so… to you all I say, “have a Happy Christmas, may it be a joyful time and may the New Year bring you all that you wish for….” 

When I return I will not attempt to catch up as it will just be too much .. what with 200 odd blogs that I follow .. Soooooo..

I’ll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day through.

I’ll be seeing you
In every lovely summer’s day;
In every thing that’s light and gay.
I’ll always think of you that way.

I’ll find you
In the morning sun
And when the night is new.
I’ll be looking at the moon,
But I’ll be seeing you.











And then for the cream on the top…..


Or if the rain keeps on falling… maybe this…


87 thoughts on “Where’s the Bulldog going.??

    • You are so right… yet I look at blogs from other countries and there landscapes just look so much better than ours… probably we take our own for granted as we look at them so often…

  1. Safe travels to you and yours. I’m sure your camera will be working overtime. 🙂 Happy Christmas to you, and enjoy the relaxing when you’re not busy shooting animals and birds. 😀

    • Thank you.. yes it is going to be a time of peace and relaxation… with a bit of camera work in-between…
      Have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year see you in good health and happiness… with lots of your lovely photos of travel…

  2. You have a very Merry Christmas as well. I look forward to your posts on this one month get away. I’m sure you’ll have some amazing photos to share. Love today’s photos…..safe travels my friend 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ingid… am going to try out a bit of travel blogging… a very Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the New Year find you on some great and exciting trips to share with us…

  3. A WHOLE MONTH???!!! How can you be that cruel??!!!

    Enjoy yourself and have a fantastic time – delight yourself.
    We will be here– waiting on great photos and great posts.
    Your photos here are fantastic, the 2 squirrels my pick of a terrific bunch.
    Merry Festival Times to you and everybody around you.

  4. Most people it seems blog from work so from tomorrow when most companies close you will see a sharp drop of visitors to your blog. So don’t regret not being able to blog. Enjoy your trip and take as many photos and notes as possible and when you get back you can concentrate on producing your posts. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a happy Christmas.

  5. Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh to see the things that you will see..sigh….I know you’ll bring us lots of images…but to see it for real…you’re so lucky!! Safe happy travels…I’ll miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you… and I’m going to spend some time at the horse club in Kathu… but I know it will not be the same… they don’t like me… but then the eagles and the gemsbok might just play along for me… This trip will have more landscapes as It is one of the most fascinating places… But I will look in every now and then so you should see a like or two… but to comment ain’t easy… I’m going to miss all the bloggers…

    • The same to you .. I need to refill my files with new photos … and may you and your family have a Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year… but most of all may next year be good for us all…

  6. Enjoy your time away and have a safe & glorious trip. You be missed, but I know you’ll return with many treasures to share. FYI: Whenever you can, hope you visit my Christmas Eve post. Guess I’ll have to leave the link here after it is published. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Bulldog! I hope you enjoy your adventure and I’m sure you will capture some amazing photography for us fans! Enjoyed today’s post – the waterfalls – just WOW!

    • Those waterfalls are one of the highlights of the trip… hopefully the river is high then it is an absolute spectacle… there are areas there they call the moon scape just miles and miles of nothing except rocks and sand with the river gorge in the middle… beautiful place… and Happy Christmas to you and yours and all the best for the New Year..

  8. It just won’t be the same without you around Bulldog, but I can’t wait to see your photos when you return. I know it will be worth the wait. Now, what I really need to know is…..are you going to wear one of those loincloths??? 🙂

  9. Have an awesome time my friend. Holidays is about making the happiest memories there is. When you get back, we’ll be here eager to read your adventures. Once again, fun and exciting pictures. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Tornerai sicuramente con tantissime magnifiche foto da farci vedere, già vedendo queste io sono totalmente incantata 🙂
    Ti auguro una splendida vacanza e Buon Natale gioioso e colmo di serenità
    Un abbraccio, Pat

  11. Goodbye! I hope you have a great trip. I just found your blog but I already like it so much that I can tell I’ll miss your posts and amazing photos while your gone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Rus.. I might get a chance to post but where we’re going it could be difficult… and a Happy Christmas to you and yours and all the best for the New Year… I see I am following you…

  12. Exciting and dramatic pictures just enough to whet our appetites, bulldogsturf. Have a wondrous trip, and a happy Christmas – take lots of photos to share with us and see you when you get back next year 🙂

  13. Oh my ~ just wrote a whole long comment – and where did it go?? Well… I said if you wrote this poem — I am sooooo excited – it’s magnificent (think I said perfect)… and very excited that you took the leap — and even if you just selected it – I LOVE it! ~ photos amazing and Kalahari looks soooo cool! Have a blast – you will be missed…Happy and Healthy to you and yours ~ with much Love ~ Robyn

    • Thanks Robyn …once again, WP can be frustrating at times… we will be enjoying our selves.. we always do.. and there is never much chance of rain spoiling the trip… I wish I could claim the poem, but Billie Holiday beat me to it… It is wishful thinking if you thought I could do that.. yet I’m flattered that you thought I might have… To you and yours have a good one and we will see you ever now and then…

  14. OH Tell me you wrote this poem bulldog!! PLEEEAAAASSSEEE??? It is beyond wonderful – perfect – and even if you selected it – BRAVO – (but really hope you took the leap and wrote it yourself!!!) Kalahari looks phenomenal ~ have a fantastic time… You will be missed ~ Happy and Healthy to you and yours ~ Enjoy!! xo Much Love ~ R

    • Billie Holiday “I’ll Be Seeing You” I’m afraid, wish I could write poems like this…
      Thanks so much Robyn, I’m glad wordpress is playing tricks with others as well, write a long comment just to look up and see it gone….

  15. Oooh you are going to be very hot … and I’m so envious. Did Etosha this year and definitly want to go back for more. Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and your family and all things wonderful for 2013. Laura

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