Marabou Stork..

Marabou Stork (Leptoptilos crumeniferus).

A massive bird, large specimens are thought to reach a height of 152 cm (60 in) and a weight of 9 kg (20 lb.). A wingspan of 3.7 m (12 ft.) was accepted by Fisher and Peterson, who ranked the species as having the largest wing-spread of any living bird.

The Marabou Stork is a scavenger, and the naked head and neck are adapted for this, as it is with the vultures with which the stork often feed. This large and powerful bird eats mainly carrion, scraps and faeces but will opportunistically eat almost any animal matter they can swallow. So do not give this bird a kiss…

It is sometimes called the "Undertaker Bird" due to its shape from behind: cloak-like wings and back, skinny white legs, and sometimes a large white mass of "hair."

One photo for you… not my favourite bird…

Sat 23-07-2011 017


23 thoughts on “Marabou Stork..

  1. great shot, really looks like a vulture which I have seen across the street from me. Unbelievable wing span, holy s**t! Can you imagine one of those swooping down on you???? :-O

  2. Oh dear! Is that the one that is supposed to bring the babies in old European tradition? Or maybe it’s another kind of stork. It would be too morbid for this carrion eater to bring the babies. Anyway, the babies would never make it. Must be another kind of stork.

  3. The Undertaker– that is kind of spooky! Pretty intense looking guy up there … great shot bulldog but might have nightmares about this one! . Hope you are having a nice journey and time away with the family! ~ Love and Hugs, Robyn

  4. I wonder if this stork is ever mistaken for a vulture? Imagine the bird that is supposed to be delivering babies is mistakenly given to the bird that is notorious for eating… UGH! 😉

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