A Taste of Things to Come…

A Martial eagle with a baby springbok as it’s kill…………….

The Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) is a large eagle found in open and semi-open habitats of sub-Saharan Africa.

The Martial Eagle is a very large eagle, with a length of 78–96 cm (31–38 in), weight of 3–6.2 kg (6.6–14 lb.) and a wingspan of 188–260 cm (6 ft. 2 in–8 ft. 6 in).

The Martial Eagle is one of the world’s most powerful avian predators and, among African raptors, only the Crowned Eagle is comparable in predatory dominance. The Martial Eagle is an apex predator, being at the top of the avian food chain in its environment and, if in healthy condition, having no natural predators.

Among regular mammal prey are hares, hyraxes, mongooses, squirrels, springhares, rats, genets, foxes, baboons, other monkeys, young warthogs, dikdiks, young impala and various other young or small antelope.

A powerful Eagle indeed……

Kalagadi 014

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks…. with just so much more amazing things I managed to capture on camera… see you round the corner…


45 thoughts on “A Taste of Things to Come…

      • It’s a truly stunning photo !!! I’m always to late to get shots of interesting animals and birds. Not that we have a lot of wild animals more than rabbits and swans in the parks, where I live. You’re very good and luck too.

  1. Only to days ago I saw a sea eagle fly past the house with a chick in it’s claws. Different species of birds chased it all the way to the mountains. I found it intriguing that all the birds banded together to chase the predator away, not just the parents of the poor chick it stole from the nest. Wish I’d had a video camera on me! 😀

    I love your picture – was a spectacular bird this is!

    • Thanks Dianne… I have witnessed the attack of mere weavers chasing an eagle 100 of times their size.. successfully too I must say… empty handed of cause… not a camera in sight…

  2. This looks like one bird I would not want on my bad side!! Wonder where the name Martial Eagle originated …might have to look that up! Amazing photo bulldog… Enjoy the remainder of your adventure !💛

    • Yes Pussycat44, it is not everyone’s cup of tea… but having grown up in the bush I have seen nature at it’s worst… some times not very pleasant, but then neither is war, and that I’ve witnessed as well…. fortunately most I’ve capture in the Kgalagadi is more your cup of tea… baby antelope and antelope and birds of beauty…

  3. Fabulous pic. He looks like a real no-nonsense kinda guy, doesn’t he. I wouldn’t like to be in his sights when he is hungry. 🙂 Look forward to seeing your millions of photos when you get back. x

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