Red billed Spurfowl… a Photo set that speaks for itself…

The Red-billed Spurfowl (Pternistis adspersus), also known as the Red-billed Francolin.

One that is not easy to capture on camera… this one walked right up to me hidden behind a tree…. it was a big tree luckily…

len 032

len 038

len 041

len 042

len 046

len 052

len 049

60 thoughts on “Red billed Spurfowl… a Photo set that speaks for itself…

  1. What a lucky day for you Bulldog. He is a grand bird and does look quite large. I guess it is true what they say about the camera adding a few pounds. 🙂

  2. We could make a tv sit-com out of this guy!! He looks like he’d play a mean game of golf too 🙂 ~ Wonderful shots dearest Bulldog! Lots of Love and welcome HOME!! x R

  3. He could be glad is wasn’t me that he met on the green – he would have been in great danger – with my rabbit chasers. Brilliant shots of a great bird

  4. Great to see ou back here, and you’ve brought your great sense of humour back with you. 🙂 Love the pics, especially the laughing one. You’re posts are so entertaining. 😆

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