The Long Road to Augrabies…(1)

We went to the “Oranjerus Resort” for two nights… it is a resort on the banks of the Orange River. From there it was a short drive to the Augrabies Falls, but this was to be our central accommodation for short journeys to see the area…


The road is flat and straight…….

len 020

And seems to go on forever…

len 026

But luckily the Social weaver, gives one a little respite with the nest forms and sizes they build on the telephone poles…

len 039

And when one stops to have a look, it is surprising the other little things that are there…..

len 055

len 056









The area has had rain this year.. (not that it happens too often) and the veld flowers are out in magnificent shows…. the area actually is beautifully green..

len 021

len 022











The first stop was at Keimoes to get a few forgotten provisions… like milk and such… the drinks were accounted for…

with a quick climb I managed to get a panorama of the small “dorp” (Afrikaans for village)..

(A close up that appears on the left of the panorama)

len 064len 069

More to follow Tomorrow…


55 thoughts on “The Long Road to Augrabies…(1)

  1. That is you in a nutshell …. you do a stop and there is a caterpillar … waiting for you ????? Did he want a lift??? Out in no mans land, can only happens to you.

  2. Those nests are just incredible!! I didn’t expect everything to be so green….beautiful…you were “living the dream” my friend…can’t wait to see more!

    • I was so surprised to see all the green myself… last time we were here it was dry and barren… but this type area recovers fast when it gets rain… and this year they have had… wait till I get to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park… Dry….

  3. I so agree with mtlawleyshire – having just driven that exact road through the centre of Australia 😉 Roads like that seem to go forever….

    I’m looking forward to more pics of your travels 😀

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