A Trip to the Augrabies Falls..

An early morning start took us through the grape lands that just never seemed to stop till just short of the Augrabies National Park.. and then the site to see…

len 342

A welcome sight as the short distance just seemed to get longer with every passing kilometre…

A few details about the Falls….

The Khoi people called it ‘Aukoerebis’, or place of Great Noise, as this powerful flow of water is unleashed from rocky surroundings characterised by the 18km abyss of the Orange River Gorge.

Few sights are as awesome, or a sound as deafening, as water thundering down the 56m Augrabies Waterfall when the Orange River is in full flood.

The Falls: As the Orange River approaches Augrabies Falls it divides itself into numerous channels before cascading down the 56 meter high waterfall. The river then continues its path through an 18 kilometre gorge. The sight and sound of the power of the water will not be easily forgotten.

len 379

len 381

len 390

len 395

len 364


len 361

The Orange river is susceptible to flooding and when one looks at the channels it flows through, it is an awesome sight when full as all that water is channelled into a single gorge… below is a snap shot using Google earth showing the falls area…..

augrabies map

I took a few photos of photos that show what it looks like in flood…

len 404

len 406








len 405


39 thoughts on “A Trip to the Augrabies Falls..

  1. Oh my goodness – these falls are just unworldly looking bd ~ your photos must certainly do them justice but I cannot even imagine the energy of being right there with them. Something about rushing water in this natural beautiful setting … magnificent!! xo ~

  2. Some power in water really – and still there is so many that don’t have any. That last photo is powerful and forceful – that photo with the rainbow is so good.

    • Hi Tish went down that way mid December and only returned a week ago… went to so many different place thanks to Son Len… the Kalahari Gemsbok park was probably the high light of the whole month… will slowly be getting to those posts over the next few weeks.. the Kgalagadi has probably spoilt the Kruger for me for a long time to come… so peaceful and crowd free.. and the scenery is just out of this world… so different from any where else I’ve seen… watch the space, the lion photos between 1 and 2 metres away from one are hair raising and the gemsbok .. beautiful.. the raptors unbelievable.. and the birds the same… when I die I want my ashes spread there… would love to build a golf course in those dunes…

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