Augrabies Surrounds…

After viewing the falls we drove down to look at different areas of the gorge….

Moon Rock: A massive exfoliation dome or “whaleback” which is a prominent landmark of Augrabies Falls. Walking to the summit will give one of the best views of the park and its surroundings.

len 448

len 426

Did we climb it in the sweltering heat….?…. yes we did… Just look at this zoom…

len 448A

len 450

Swart Rante: These foreboding black hills are another distinct landmark in Augrabies. Quartz-poor, these igneous rocks seem to form a natural border between the harsh environment of the gorge area and a more fertile area on the other side. The contrast between the two landscapes can best be seen from the top of Swart Rante.

len 428

len 504

More landscape photos that actually don’t do the area justice… it looks like the moon surface…

len 436

len 433

len 432

len 430

len 428

len 423

I walked about four kilometres on this road before the kids caught up with me in the bukkie (LDV, Ute, Van, pickup or truck, depending what country you live in)… I was glad to see them as the heat was a little extreme… and I’ve become a bit of an old fart….

But if you look at the landscape… who wouldn’t want to walk it… (remember to take water with you, not like this idiot that thinks a camera is enough…)



37 thoughts on “Augrabies Surrounds…

  1. Not unlike Arizona in some respects. Beautiful shots and kudos for you making the climb, but even a desert rat like me knows you gotta have water, that was dangerous bulldog! Bad bulldog! xoxo

    • Oh it is such an area to walk… I walk hoping to get a photo or two of the snakes from the area… but I think they must have already been hiding from the sun and heat… will have to walk earlier next time…

  2. Però senza macchina fotografica non avrei avuto il piacere di vedere queste splendide foto, però ricorda l’acqua la prossima volta, meglio non rischiare 🙂
    Un bacione, Pat

    • I wondered if this would get this reaction… when I look at photos of other areas they look so similar, but a two dimensional photo makes it hard to compare… it is lovely scenery though…

      • I love the American deserts, especially the high desert. Most people don’t know how diverse the wildlife is there. The ruggedness of these shots made me think of it.

        • Thank you… when I post of our visit to the Kgalagadi Tansfrontier Park which is most definitely semi dessert, I wonder at the condition of the animals I photographed there… fat and shiny .. and yet the is not much about for them to eat…

    • It is a matter of the brain becoming singular dimensional… photos… and not thinking anything else… thanks for the compliment, and when I do stupid things like this “Old Fart” is what I am…lol

    • I was a bit stupid, they said they wouldn’t be long and I started the walk to get a few photos… they took longer with the baby .. I should have foreseen these type possibilities and just put as bottle of water in my bag… but the brain just says “get photos, get photos” and doesn’t think anymore…

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