The Rock Formations of Augrabies…(7)

I wish I knew more about geology… as these different types of rocks and the formations they make are really fascinating… Moon rock I know is granite and weathers very slowly…. cracking off layers like an onion peel…

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And the black range…

The Swart Rante is an intrusive dyke complex: volcanic rock which solidified in a dyke formation deep under ground. Later, the dyke was subjected to intense heat and pressure which changed the mineral composition to form metamorphic rock. Due to the fact that both volcanic and metamorphic rock erode at a
slower rate than other rock types, the dyke still remains intact with the portion above ground being 8,2km long and 900m wide. The rocks you see today consist of the minerals pyroxene, amphibole, and feldspar. The shiny black, glazed surface is created iron, manganese, and titanium oxides are leached from the rocks by the sun and deposited on the surface in a thin layer known as “desert varnish”.

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But the rest, I have no idea about.. it appears as a type of sandstone that would weather faster than any of the other rocks in the area… but their balancing acts are outstandingly unbelievable….

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Here is a perfect example of the very slow rate of decomposition.

This is a dead Kokerboom tree that has probably been dead as long as I’ve been alive…



More of the Augrabies Area…

Oranjekom & Ararat: These viewpoints give visitors the best opportunity to observe the massive gorge area as well as the wildlife that makes it their home. Essential to spot are the nesting Verreaux’s (Black) Eagles, which prey on the abundant rock hyrax populations, as well as the Cape clawless otter which are sometimes seen below in the river in the morning or late afternoon.

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Echo Corner: The furthest view point from the Rest Camp, the road to Echo Corner takes you through some of the park’s most stunning scenery. As the name implies a long-lasting echo can be produced.