Reflections on life..

A blog or post I read this morning was so profound, that it sparked the need for me to write. Not something I do often on this site, I do it more on Street Articles. But when I received an answer to my comment, it had me take the time to make a cup of tea and light a cigarette. To sit quietly and contemplate the present, past and future.

The post was from stuffitellmysister  (click to see her blog) and specially her post from yesterday (click to read the post). This is so profound that it needs sharing, the fact we spend so much time these days fighting to make a living, chasing time as though we can catch it and yet forgetting about the importance of life. The proverbial “take the time to smell the roses” is no longer considered as important. The time to share with our loved ones, relaxing or for that matter just taking five minutes for ourselves.

Life can be cut short in so many differing ways, and we all think our time will never come, yet the truth of the matter is, it could be gone tomorrow… It is not a huge problem for us that go, yet those that stay behind are the ones that suffer, the “why didn’t we” thoughts that carouse through the mind. The regrets of not taking that short time to say the “I love you”, the time for a Hug, or just the loving touch that can say so much to the receiver.

Yes we have to strive to make a living, unavoidable unless born with the proverbial “Golden spoon” in the mouth, yet this very fact is played on by the money making employees who consider the life of their workers with very little importance.. (Not saying they are all the same) I was an employer of staff at one stage of my life, in fact for 22 odd years. I like to think that I treated my force with love and kindness and made sure that they had the time to enjoy life as well.

The point I’m attempting to make, is that we need to make time, even if it is just the odd five minutes, to talk, to love and to make sure that our partners know how we feel about them. Don’t let a day pass without that time, don’t wake to the fact too late, never allow the day to pass that communication in some form is not made with those that you love..

I love it that stuffitellmysister answered my comment with the fact that her Husband had read her post,  her reply to me or a portion thereof “The post helped my deepest “innards” and reminded my man that I love him. (I know this because he came home, hugged me and told me!)” Wow the power of a post, and that her husband had taken the short time to read and get the message… This is the type of communication we should have with our loved ones at all time. Does this not truly show the love between a couple and the fact that Paula is concerned for her husband?

All I can say to Paula… thank you for the post, it awakened me to the fact that I have become complacent lately and even that I might have started to think myself invincible. I will show my love to all that I do, more often than I have been…. Good on you, and thank you for the wake up call….

The Kokerboom … giant aloe (Aloe dichotoma)..

The most characteristic plant in the park is the giant aloe, known locally as the quiver tree or kokerboom. It is perfectly adapted to the dry semi-desert rocky areas found in the Nama-Karoo, able to withstand the extreme temperatures and the infertile soil. This tree, which grows up to five metres high, gets its name from the fact that the Bushmen (San) used the soft branches to make quivers for their arrows. The eye-catching silhouette of the quiver tree is typical of the Northern Cape landscape. When the tree flowers in the winter flocks of birds are attracted to their copious nectar, and baboons can be seen tearing the flowers apart to get the sweet liquor.

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