The Kokerboom … giant aloe (Aloe dichotoma)..

The most characteristic plant in the park is the giant aloe, known locally as the quiver tree or kokerboom. It is perfectly adapted to the dry semi-desert rocky areas found in the Nama-Karoo, able to withstand the extreme temperatures and the infertile soil. This tree, which grows up to five metres high, gets its name from the fact that the Bushmen (San) used the soft branches to make quivers for their arrows. The eye-catching silhouette of the quiver tree is typical of the Northern Cape landscape. When the tree flowers in the winter flocks of birds are attracted to their copious nectar, and baboons can be seen tearing the flowers apart to get the sweet liquor.

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40 thoughts on “The Kokerboom … giant aloe (Aloe dichotoma)..

  1. I just searched your blog to be sure I hadn’t missed your newest aloe shots and I was glad to know I hadn’t…..However, the search wasn’t in vain because I obviously had missed this huge tree aloe post when you first published it.
    WOW! I’ve seen photos in books but none of them really imparted the sheer SIZE of these things! Such breadth to them, too! Magnificent work of nature, yeah?

  2. So strange! yours is the 2nd blog today where I ran across the kokerboom which I’d NEVER seen (or heard about) before!
    What a fantastic tree!
    ps: the other blog mentioning the giant aloe was (a blog I’ve followed for awhile)

    • Oh in no way is it a common tree here… it is only found in the very arid areas.. where somehow it manages to survive… it has my respect and admiration considering what it lives on… and then when it flowers its flowers are fed on for food for others to survive… no wonder there aren’t too many…

  3. Aloe is such a great healing plant ~ for so many things. I have small aloe plants here at home -but this is the coolest thing to see your tree! Very exotic looking! 🙂 ~ looks like you had such a nice adventure bd!! ~ x R

    • Thanks Robyn.. coming soon the high light of the whole trip.. the game reserve at Kgalagadi… and the lion and antelope, birds and things… but this was just one very special holiday that my Son planned for us…
      The Aloe is a magical tree for ones health… I use it to cure my skin cancer that pops up on my face and arms from stupidity of years ago… and it does work most the time and saves me having to have it burnt off,,, at a time I drank it as well to cure a stomach ailment… magical plant.. but the one I use is the Aloe vera..

  4. Unique looking plant. I was going to ask if it was related to the aloe because of the leaves, and then I read the post again. Giant aloe, of course. Amazing how they survive in such harsh conditions.

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