A Few Plants at Augrabies…(9)

It’s a desert, and they have had a drop or two of rain… but on my walk about’ I did not expect to find flowering plants…

len 408

len 409

len 410

len 413

len 414

And then I found these flowering plants the first with hundreds of butterflies paying a lot of attention to it….

len 416len 415









len 417

The second, a bush with very little leaves but the most beautiful flowers…..

len 421

len 418

len 419













And then this… what does one expect from a desert…????

len 528


25 thoughts on “A Few Plants at Augrabies…(9)

  1. Amazing that these flowers can bloom an thrive with so little water … they are proof that we all can survive adversity I suppose? Lovely shots dear bulldog ~ x Robyn

  2. I learned from trips to Baja (Mexico) that when you look closely, the desert is rich with beautiful things. So I’m not surprised that you’ve found some in your desert. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Quando si pensa al deserto si immagina una grande distesa di sabbia con solo qualche pianta grassa che riesce miracolosamente a sopravvivere, invece le tue fantastiche foto hanno colto la bellezza di piante che mai e poi mai avrei creduto potessero nascere nel deserto.
    Sono fiori veramente belli, bravissimo!!
    Ciao, Pat

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