Lizards that I Found at Augrabies…

Broadley’s Flat Lizard

The Augrabies Flat Lizard (Platysaurus broadleyi).

Females and juveniles have a dark brown back, with three thick, cream stripes on the back. These stripes may be broken up into spots, or have spots in between the stripes. The belly is white, sometimes with a black dot on it, and at the rear there is an orange colour. The tail is straw-coloured. Adult males have a bluish head and a greenish back. A darker area in the middle and the vestiges of the juvenile stripes and spots are also present. The forelimbs are yellow to orange, the throat is dark blue, and the belly is black in the front but becomes orange near the tail. Above the tail, it is a tan colour, while below and on the sides, it is orange. All this coloration, while it helps attract females, also has a downside: predators such as kestrels easily spot them. Females, on the other hand, have much more subdued coloration and are less likely to be eaten.


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59 thoughts on “Lizards that I Found at Augrabies…

  1. Hi, would I be able to use some of your images as part of a research poster? You’re pictures are by far the best of the lot, especially the one of the male and female P. Braodleyi.

  2. Fantastic images! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us here. I adore all animals and these lizards are awesome. Too bad that the bright coloration of the males is not indicative of toxins in the skin warning away predators as some brightly colored animals do. They are simply flirting with the ‘ladies’ so they’d better keep a keen eye out for those kestrels! Wonderful to meet you through Russ. I look forward to following your adventures and ‘living vicariously’ through you and your travelling camera! Cheers, Gina

    • Thank you Gina what a nice comment to make… their speed is their best kept secret.. I think many a kestrel is caught out like me… “where did he go???” one minute here and then gone… but a true beauty of nature….

  3. I always liked lizards. Spent many a days at the river with my Grandma trying my best to catch one while she fished – they are quick! I think the rainbow one is very unique. I have a 50 gal fish tank I’m thinking about converting over to have a lizard in…

  4. Wow, it’s like having the rainbow on the ground …. what a colorful fellow – because it must be a he *smile
    No wonder we women what make up … nature isn’t very fair against us … male animals always get all the color wonder if it’s to make up for something else they are lacking *laugher.

  5. rainbow lizards ~ oh my – these are amazing photos. Amazing that nature builds “make-up” into males so they attract females?! How come women have to deal with mascara and lipstick? Love to you friend ~ x RL

  6. Interesting to see an example of male display to attract females with the disadvantage that life is likely to be short thanks to being visible to predators.

  7. Incredibile, non avevo mai visto lucertole cosΓ¬ colorate. Con queste bellissime foto mi hai fatto fare una scoperta che mi ha lasciata a bocca aperta πŸ™‚
    Grazie. Ciao, Pat

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