The Kalahari Gemsbok park… just down the road.

The Kalahari Gemsbok Park is a 4 hours drive from Kathu where we started the journey… the four hours turned into 6. A blowout, a tyre purchase in the town of Van Zylsrus, and a refill of petrol in Askham, took its toll on the time as well as the fact that 185 km. of the trip is on dirt roads…..


An easy start… paved roads… and lovely scenery…and even some Gemsbok…

Kalagadi 029

Kalagadi 037

Wild flowers and desert scenes… and one big blowout…

Kalagadi 042

Kalagadi 045

Van Zylsrus… here you can’t get lost… but we found a tyre (which I couldn’t believe) and then an older Gentleman even fitted it to the rim for us… Van Zylsrus works on a different time scale to the rest of the world… “What’s the hurry? You’ll still get there..” they don’t mention when…. but what a helpful little town… with a hotel and a great pub….

Kalagadi 054

Kalagadi 055

Kalagadi 050

And now when you finally get going again… you are seeing real desert scenes inter mingled with some shrubbery…. long straight dirt roads that pass the local farm homesteads…. windmills tell the story of how they get their water, and everything looks as though it is on Van Zylsrus time….

Kalagadi 057

Kalagadi 062

The local policeman in a hurry to somewhere… maybe it’s to the pub in Van Zylsrus to quench the “dorsland” thirst….

Kalagadi 067

And as time marches on .. the vultures come in to roost, or maybe they thought we were in more trouble than we were… and might just turn into a meal…

Kalagadi 069

Kalagadi 070

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …. the big town of Askham….. petrol for a thirsty bukkie, and refills for thirsty travellers…. now this is a one horse town, and it’s owned by the sheriff…..

Kalagadi 076

Kalagadi 078


40 thoughts on “The Kalahari Gemsbok park… just down the road.

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  2. Ah ha, they say it is not the destination, but the journey…..thanks for taking this little adventure and sharing. My greatest fear, a flat tire in a place like that.

    • That is so true.. although my son lives in Kathu and knows the area well and was quite certain we would get help.. to the extent he said someone there would lend us a wheel for the remainder of our trip… can you imagine someone doing that in our cities… but they will see me again.. that pub looked like it could be fun on a Saturday afternoon when the rugby is on.. (even though I don’t drink, I reason it would be a blast)

  3. Thanks for taking us on this trip, Bulldog. I’m loving it so far. I love the idea of the sleepy little towns where everyone is kind and helpful. (and I think your too tough for the vultures!)

  4. What a place …. and you found a pub too – looking at the dry environmental I would like something to drink too. My pick will be the photo with the road and the car – that is one great photo – because it show the greatness in it all – and the remoteness. That is one good photo. You take fantastic of animals and birds, but that is a photo full of greatness.

    • Viveka.. thank you.. I thought it was a great photo as well, it was the only other vehicle we saw in 186 km of dirt road.. and I took it through the windscreen for a laugh… but it did turn out well… just show though not a road to break down on with so little traffic if you need help… and not to good with cell phone connection either… but it was an exciting ride and took me back to my youth.. travelling 100s of kn on such road with my Dad.. no cell phones then.. if it broke you fixed it yourself and soldiered on… remember fixing a broken fan belt with a pair of under pants.. and travelling 100 odd km with it not giving a single problem again…

      • Truly a smashing photo – I can feel the greatness in the park through just looking at that photo. Taking great photos is about 98% luck at times.
        No I can understand that .. to breakdown there .. you have to be prepared for serious waiting time. I really like that photo.

  5. Definitely an intriguing drive …. but a blowout in the middle of nowhere? Seems you got lucky! Dang … those vultures look quite large … probably well feed from the people who get blown tires.

    • These are almost in a time warp… yet everyone will stop and talk to you, and they’re never in a hurry… and they all know who can help with what.. a lady informed us to see the older chap as he had everything to fit the tyre to the rim… he did.. but hardly charged a cent… it is wonderful to know there are still communities like that in our country…

    • They are very prolific in the Kalahari, and seem to have their favourite roosts… you see it so often in the jokes but to watch it happen in real life.. one wonders what is going on in their heads…

    • How right you are… when the older gentleman helped with the tyre… time was on a go slow… why worry you will get there in the end… time seems to have no meaning at all… what a way to live, wonderful…

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