Molopo Kalahari Lodge.. outside the Kalahari Gemsbok Park…

Molopo Kalahari Lodge is a gem 60 km. from the Park gate, and this is where we spent a night after one hell of a trip… Molopo Kalahari Lodge (click to see their website) so friendly, so helpful, what a find this was…. What a special place, where a sit down on the stoep, with a drink, after a battle of a trip, you are joined by one of the Managers who is there but for nothing else, than to make you welcome and to see that you have everything you need to make your evening comfortable and enjoyable…

Kalagadi 092

Kalagadi 094

Shady, cool, filled with all kinds of knik knacks…. a wonderful pool (so cool after a days heat well over 40° C) and cold thirst quenchers… rondavel accommodation, air-conditioned and very comfortable…. blown ostrich eggs everywhere…..

Kalagadi 090

Kalagadi 086

Kalagadi 095

Kalagadi 099

Kalagadi 100

Kalagadi 109

The dinning room (above) has a windmill replica in the middle of the room (great idea) and the pub below has a barber shop chair … just in case you want a haircut whilst having a drink… maybe even a drop of petrol.????  The lounge is so comfortable, I could have slept there….

Kalagadi 113 Kalagadi 110

That swimming pool was a God send………….

Kalagadi 120

Kalagadi 122

And as the sun set, the Bulldog and wife readied themselves for a meal produced on the braai fire, by their son, a master at producing Kalahari Lamb to perfection… and what a meal it was… early to bed for an early start tomorrow, into the Kalahari Gemsbok Park. can’t wait. can you?? See you tomorrow.

Kalagadi 124

Kalagadi 129

The Kalahari Gemsbok Park and all its beauty tomorrow……


42 thoughts on “Molopo Kalahari Lodge.. outside the Kalahari Gemsbok Park…

  1. What a cool place! It looks like they did everything to make you comfortable and able to relax…and at the end, the very last picture…two people
    that I find fascinating! Wonderful 🙂

  2. Wow… what a lovely collection of photos and the Molopo Kalahari Lodge looks like a heavenly place to stay…. I clicked on their website too check them out some more. perfect accommodations for you two on your adventure visiting the Kalahari Park so close by! Love the shot of you and your lovely wife Linda ~ you two look like a dynamic duo on a serious mission LOL ~ Love to you both ! Robyn

    • Thanks Robyn… it was a lovely place where my son had stayed before.. so it was a surprise for Linda and I… wonderful place… when Son took this photo it was a total slow down time.. readying for supper and a lovely cool dip in the pool… I must admit it didn’t take much rocking to get us asleep that night.. the excitement for the following day fresh in the mind….

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