Continuing on in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park..

To continue with the trip… our first 50 km we took 4 hours to do… we were on the Twee Rivers Nossob road… lets show you a map to help keep track….. (to see the whole area map, click on it to enlarge….)


map-kgalagadi-transfrontier 1

We had passed Kij Kij and had heard from a fellow visitor there where Lion at Melk vlei…. this required a bit more speed but we must have been too late.. so a stop at the picnic spot was called for….

Now just to give you an idea of the feel of this park, there are no fences around the picnic spot, so before you alight from your vehicle, you tend to check to see if there is anything around that might want to make a snack of you… nothing there unfortunately, so we used the toilets… Remembering to close the entry door so you don’t get a visit whilst doing your thing…. mind you the appearance of a lion peeping at you, could work well as a laxative…..

lens photos 010

Kalagadi 350

Kalagadi 526

Kalagadi 369

With everyone feeling better and after partaking in a little sustenance,  we were on our way up to Dikbaardskolk and then over to Kamqua for an eventual stop at the Kalahari Tented Camp our home for the night…. and these are a few things we saw on the way (remember I will be doing photo posts of these sightings in detail later on)… enjoy an entrée…

Kalagadi 382

Kalagadi 392

Kalagadi 396

Kalagadi 406

Kalagadi 417

Kalagadi 433

And then we found him.. or should I say them…. BIG and MEAN… now I’m talking nonsense, lovely looking, healthy and beautiful….in his prime.. Can’t wait to show you more of these photos…

Kalagadi 439

Kalagadi 464

Kalagadi 540


51 thoughts on “Continuing on in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park..

  1. You can totally tell from these posts how much FUN you had!
    At the risk of sounding silly….were you just the teensiest bit scared of some of the wildlife? I think I might be…I’m sure I’d first feel tremendous awe, but I think I might be humbled and frightened of some of the creatures’ power and strength!

    • Having grown up with most of the dangerous five as a portion of my life.. they are like dogs that will give you fair warning when they don’t like what you might be doing.. they will also more than likely give a mock charge to warn you off… but the theory of the experts are .. that whilst in your vehicle they can only see the vehicle and not distinguish you inside it… how they discover this I don’t know… but I think the animals get used to people staring at them and it is just a second nature of which we do not feature in their food chain… we drove right next to Lion (4 ft.) and took photos they never even moved, not a beady eye even.. some odd sideways looks but that’s all…. No I’m not frightened at all, I love it…

    • Thought the followers might enjoy seeing that… it’s great when you see it and you’re in a truck… frightening when you’re on foot … but this was such a good example of fresh spoor…

  2. I had to gasp when I saw the lion….how wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!…Thanks for putting the map on … I love getting a feel of where everything is and where you travelled…

    • I thought it might help those overseas as it is in an area probably the least advertised as being in South Africa and is stuck away in a corner… I have so many Lion photos that I will be posting later… some real close ups too…

  3. I’ve never seen a Leopard Tortoise. But what a joy to see a Lion. I am rather repetitive when i comment on your posts, BD…All I can say each time is that I can’t imagine! It must be incredible!

    • You need not worry when I talk about the Kalahari I sound like a stuck record… as to my visits to the park.. I am eternally grateful to my Father who showed and taught me about the Africa and it all its beauty…
      As a kid he would take me camping in the middle of nowhere where there was no tent just our sleeping bags,, and from there we would walk the bush and observe nature in all its beauty.. he made the foundation of my love for the wild and all its occupants… so I actually enjoy it when I can astound others by sharing what I do…

  4. The Lion photos are stunning, especially the one in the tree roots. .. and I love the ostrich with the “chicks” – last one is priceless … looks like a good guide.

    • I will be doing a lot more on the Lion and ostrich.. the lion we got up really close to and I mean no more than 4 ft from one… we where in the vehicle but so exciting.. lying in the road wioth no intention of getting out of the way…

  5. I love a good Kori Bustard 😉

    Great pics here – I don’t think you could have gone any further ‘off the beaten track’ than you have here. What a wonderful adventure!

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