Kalahari Gemsbok Park.. at last..

An early morning start before the sun rise, we were on our way…. in fact so early 60 km. later the sun was still not up and we had reached the entrance gate… we had to wait for opening time… but the excitement was high and the parks aromas could be detected… what was that smell? Had the sewage pipe burst.?? No it was something I had passed .. pure excitement….

Kalagadi 132

Kalagadi 139

When the sun gave just enough light I snapped the building for memory …

Kalagadi 140

and in we went after all the necessary documentation had been done…… and straight off we started to see what we had come for… animals and birds amid the sand dunes of the Kalahari….

Kalagadi 142

Kalagadi 152

Kalagadi 156

Kalagadi 159

Kalagadi 183

Kalagadi 214

Kalagadi 243

Kalagadi 283

Kalagadi 298

We had only travelled about 20 kilometres and this was going to change all the plans we had made..

The idea was to travel to Nossob and then across to Mata Mata which is on the Namibian border… this would never work out, there was just too much to see and enjoy. We would have to take another road across the sand dunes between the two rivers.

Nossob is on the one dry river in the east of the Kalahari Gemsbok Park that is the division between South Africa and Botswana. There is a huge area in Botswana that is part of the Park, and it is this that makes the Kgalagardi Transfrontier Park, a park double the size of the Kruger National Park….

896 000 km² is the size of the Kgalagardi Transfrontier Park…. we only planned to stay in the Kalahari gemsbok Park…  so tomorrow we will continue to Mata Mata…


I will be doing more blogs of only the selected animals, birds and raptors after we have finished the tour… these photos are just a taste of things to came…


49 thoughts on “Kalahari Gemsbok Park.. at last..

  1. count me with Vanessa-Jane: I’m def looking forward to the social weaver post! Those nests are beyond anything I’d ever expect!
    You mentioned the park is partially in Botswana and in that regard I have a logistical question: how is entry to the other country handled, if at all? Are there any sorts of passport/travel documents involved or does entry to the park preclude the need for such things? (not sure why I’d even care to know, ha!..it just crossed my mind as I was reading!)

    • A good question.. entry into Botswana requires doing the passport control as you enter the park, at twee rivers… entry into Namibia is done at Mata Mata where they have a customs post… but it is not that difficult as visa’s are not required for local citizens…
      The social weaver post I’ve done in draft form and is nearing its due date for posting… the biggest birds nest in the world… vultures and eagles often build their nests on top of these nests…

    • There are herds of hundreds.. and this time of the year they have all produced their young… to see a hundred odd youngsters all grouped together like kids in a creche.. amazing.. the parents put them together in one spot whilst they feed…

  2. Looking forward to learning more about this part of the world and all the wildlife that call it home. What an amazing adventure this must have been!

  3. Those foxes are adorable .. never seen them before – big ears. Lovely. So a program not long ago how a cheetah hunts – they don’t have any cooling system in their body .. so if they are not careful and don’t rest … their brain can boil and that means death. For every time they hunt they use you their energy … and that make the brain even warmer and if they don’t get anything to eat .. that’s it for the poor cheetah. Very interesting program. Just adore that animal run. Would love to see one in real life.

    • The cheetah in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park are fairly successful in that the springbox are numerous as in 100s in herds and they all congregate near the water holes so the cheetah have a good success rate with kills… their only problem is they have to hunt during the day to escape the Lion and Hyena from stealing their catch… nothing like a cheetah at full tilt… fast as lightening…

      • Saw that in the program too – that she lost her catch .. to lions and hyenas – poor thing she was going for springbox and they can run – her poor brain is red hot .. and still she could catch them. Amazing program … would love to see it again. Two cubs she had to feed too.

  4. Wow ~ it is straight out of a dream – or at least a National Geographic documentary.. Stunning bulldog ~ it must have been surreal to be there…. so glad you had this wonderful experience ~ xo Robyn

    • Thanks Robyn.. this was one of those times when you feel you need to pinch yourself to ensure it’s not a dream… and our Son gave us such a great time and went where ever we wanted to go… a wonderful trip… love to all…

  5. OMG! This is flippin’ amazing bulldog! The jackal is definitely smiling and the fox family is out of this world cute, these are all incredible shots, nice work!

  6. I’m loving these photos Bulldog! The first one should be framed and up on a wall for sure, and I loved the jackal because I don’t think I have ever seen one before. Your blog always teaches me about wildlife that I have very little knowledge of. Thank you once again :).

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