Dikbaardskolk to Kalahari Tented Camp.. at last..

A stop at the picnic spot at Dikbaardkolk and off we went over the sand duns…. here’s a Google Earth screen shot of the area… marvellous…


Kalagadi 550

Kalagadi 552

Kalagadi 553

Kalagadi 555

Kalagadi 556

And at Kamqua we found Hyena (a lot of them) resting in the shade… next to the Auob River, we had been travelling next to the Nossob river which is the country border with Botswana… (click here to see the Wikitravel entry about the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park) this is a very informative entry…

The Auob river is dry, but from evidence there is water below surface and there are many water holes which I will talk about in later posts…

Kalagadi 561

Kalagadi 572

Kalagadi 580

Kalagadi 621

Would we even think of doing that… Noooooooooo not us…. and then we reached our tent…. with magnificent views of the Auob river..

Kalagadi 628

Kalagadi 625

Kalagadi 611


34 thoughts on “Dikbaardskolk to Kalahari Tented Camp.. at last..

  1. That is not a place for me … too remote … no shopping malls insight and no KFC neither. * laughing .. and that with not feeding the animals .. I have seen already, was a bit of a joke. I don’t think you would have put your fingers out if a lion had come along. *smile Brilliant trip.

    • Might not have been standing on the stoep if the Lion had of called in for a snack.. that’s for sure… there is a little shop where one can buy the basics… but if you take my son with and he supplies the food.. you won’t miss KFC.. what he can do with a fire and a piece of Kalahari lamb… you won’t even miss a good restaurant…

  2. The idea of a notice saying not to feed animals and the opportunity of a hungry lion getting into a tent makes me smile.

  3. I’ve never heard of a Secretary Bird. Quite unique, but then almost all the animals and birds you share are unique! I really enjoyed the view from Google Earth. It certainly tells the story of the scale and proportion of how vast the area!

    • Thank you.. I will be posting on the secretary bird.. an African bird with very interesting mannerisms .. I must add the Google Earth more often I forget that half the places I go to .. even Google Eath has trouble finding the names…

    • Thanks Pat.. the colour changes as one drives over the dunes is unbelievable… and how quick it changes from one to the other… as though there is a line drawn in the sand…

    • The area is so vast that you don’t see many others as you travel around…. that’s what makes it so special.. I think it’s only like minded people that go there… wonderful almost got the place to yourself… thanks for complement glad you’re enjoying the series.. the secretary bird is endemic to parts of Africa and I will be doing a post on them in the future with more info…

  4. I totally understand why they do want you to feed the animals. We have the same signs in Australia and people still feed the dingoes and then wonder why others (who don’t feed them) get attacked 😯

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