Kalahari Tented Camp…

This is what Wikitravel has to say about the camp…

  • Kalahari Tented Camp

Situated up on a sand dune, overlooking a waterhole in the dry bed of the ancient Auob River, the Kalahari Tent Camp is a unique and novel way of staying over in the Kalahari. This camp has 15 desert tents with rustic finishes using wood, sand and canvas exteriors. The tent camp is 3 km from the Mata-Mata Rest Camp where Kalahari Tent Camp residents can refuel and get basic supplies at the shop.

This tented camp cost R690/ night and sleeps 4… that is about $ 86/ night… all you need bring is your food, drink and clothes everything else is supplied… this is a bargain in anyone’s language (£ 53 approx.)

But let me add a few things… this camp is not fenced, so a close encounter with the animals is possible. Lion do walk through the camps occasionally but as yet have eaten no one… the lion had passed our tent the morning we arrived, not 5 metres away… how I wish we had been there then…. Your vehicle is behind a fence so the Hyena do not chew on your tyres, which they’re adverse to, so the camp Manager told us… but when you sit on the stoep you have a 3ft. wall between you and the animals, this makes these tents a marvellous adventure….. The smaller tent is your kitchen.. fully kitted, also a gas fridge and stove and the lights are a battery operated 12 v. system…

Kalagadi 630 Kalagadi 627

Kalagadi 626

Kalagadi 633

Kalagadi 635

Kalagadi 648

There is even a small swimming pool where one can cool off during the day… If I had of known they would swim I’d have taken my costume.. no way Linda would have allowed me to skinny dip there with people like that around….

But we did have some visitors come to see how we had settled in…..

Kalagadi 662

Kalagadi 712

Kalagadi 723

Kalagadi 883

Kalagadi 854

65 thoughts on “Kalahari Tented Camp…

  1. Had a friend that was on a safari somewhere in Africa and they had been looking for .. lions for days without any luck, then the last night when he had to go to the can – there was 2 starring at him in the dark. Talk about sh ….. himself – the guard was with with him and a couple of shots .. and they were of. He stayed in some hut like you did. Amazing adventure you was on – like that little thing in the end that you feed. The two squirrels are funny too.

    • I love that shots had to be fired to frightened off the lion.. that’s Africa.. must have given him a real rush..even if it was to sh.. himself… marvelous…

      • Yes, he was truly scared … and so was the guard. They were only some meter away from them. Who wouldn’t be scared, but it makes a good story now afterwards.
        He told me he felt shaky for a couple of days.

        • I remember a walking guide telling his visitors.”if we walk into a lion.. take one step to the left.. and walk back slowly…” one of his visitors kept quiet for a while and asked “why do we take one step to the left?” “Cause you don’t want to stand in your own sh.t” his answer… now that’s a true story… and they all believed him…

    • I think the Lion would probably totally ignore you as they walk along… most of the time you’re not on the menu… and if you don’t jump the wall and go chasing after them calling “pussy pussy..” they would not even bother with you…

  2. hahahahahahaha your “costume” !!!
    I think I’ve told you before we have many south africans living here in Vero Beach. (almost everyone I’ve met has either dated/married/lived next door to/worked with a South African expat. Consequently, ours may be the only resort town in America where costume is used interchangeably for bathing suit! LOL too funny to see you use the word!

    • Good point I wonder how many of my followers thought I was going to dress up as a Lion or something.??? Glad you know what I was talking about… send my regards to all the expats…

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  4. Brilliant photos again! I love the little squirrels, and what’s the little guy in the last pictures, he is cool!


  5. That camp looks amazing. I love structures like that. Of course the thought of lions outside your door is something to think consider:) Nice shots of the little ones. What an amazing trip…

    • The thought of Lion right there is part of the attraction… at a camp site in the old Rhodesia in the Tuli circle, we had them walk right through the middle of the sleeping area of our tent.. the paw marks showed they had actually sniff at us sleeping on stretchers almost in the open…
      now that is excitement..

  6. Lions ~ oh goodness… other than that …. this looks amazing — and your shots are so wonderful. It sounds like camping at its finest bulldog ~ the skinny- dipping would have been fun too — if you guys had privacy 🙂 ~ x much love ~ RL

    • Now that is a good question.. we refer to two mongoose.. I believe some refer to two mongooses and yet in some countries I believe mongeese can be used… I cannot get my spell check to accept this no matter which language I use (English, Amer-English etc) so actually I do not know which is correct..
      Afrikaans being my language we actually refer to it as a “muishond” roughly translated “mouse dog”

        • You had me thinking and researching on Google… and believe it or not your tongue in cheek might be right… and now I can’t find what is correct… but you’re the published author.. come on help us out now… what is correct I am really interested to know..

          • I’d put my money on “mongooses.” Otherwise moose would be meese, And then you could get into the mouse dog version of them. Would the plural be mice dog or mouse dogs or mice dogs? Speaking of mouse and mice, and louse and lice, would it then be house and hice, grouse and grice? Oh, don’t get me going!!!!

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