Visitors at the Tent..Kalahari,,

A few more photos of our visitors that entertained us till sun down….

Kalagadi 660

Kalagadi 684

Kalagadi 711

Kalagadi 722

Kalagadi 725

Kalagadi 735

Kalagadi 791

Kalagadi 801

Kalagadi 844

Kalagadi 845

Kalagadi 871

lens photos 274

The Braai fire lit.. ready for our meal..(thank the Lord there is something to braai… my son is such an animal lover if the Lion had come passed he might have fed them our steaks.)

lens photos 286

Kalagadi 895


60 thoughts on “Visitors at the Tent..Kalahari,,

    • My son (like me) is such an animal lover .. if he had the chance he would probably try to feed the lion… yes that view, like most of our National Park camps is always spectacular… the sites have been so well chosen ..

    • It is great fun… I know they say don’t feed the animals.. I want to see someone resist the temptation when these little fellows come and play outside your door…
      I remember as a kid with my father in the then Rhodesia at the Wankie Game Park sitting down to breakfast and being swamped by birds and squirrels that tended to just help themselves from your plate… great fun..

    • Enjoy.. I will be heading down that way again next month to see the courses down there… program now in Beta testing.. Sandy will be testing for us and wants to purchase… her name will help our sales.. (Sandy from Kloof)

    • That is the yellow mongoose… a tenacious animal that seems almost fearless, they are well known for their ability to kill snakes.. so quick, when the snake strikes they are no longer there…

    • Oh it is so special… they seem so fearless of you and have a certain swagger when the come to visit… almost practiced to get into your heart so that you do give them a snack…

  1. Man, I wish I was there myself meeting the many amazing creatures. What an adventure.You are truly living th life most of us only dream about. Great pictures with loads of humor. Have a great weekend.

    • Funny you should say that.. I look at so many different blogs of places you all visit and think you’re living the life… I think we become a bit accustomed to our own lives and don’t realise how lucky we actually are…

  2. That got me thinking, would the smell of meat grilling attract lions? I know they like their meat rare, but still … just wondering. Bacon frying attracts bears, so maybe lions like their meat grilled too. Looks like a lovely place to camp though.

    • No Lions will shy away from a fire.. and I’ve never seen them asking for a… but I do think if you left cooked meat lying around I’m sure they would appreciate it…

    • They are known for this.. they use it as a sunshade and often lie down with the tail over their backs.. I think their enemies flying above would have difficulties seeing their natural camouflage… they certainly use it a lot in the Kalahari as an umbrella…

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