Lion of the Kalahari….A Sunday Thought..

Is there a difference between Lion in the Kalahari Gemsbok Park and say those of the Kruger National Park? According to the experts the Kalahari Lion have adapted to the arid conditions. To me they have a difference in colour and maybe even size, not that I was prepared, in either case, to vacate my vehicle with a measuring tape and scale.

The Lion of the Kalahari appear bigger or fatter, almost cuddlier, again not a theory I was prepared to test, but below are two photos I took of Lion, the left, of one in the Kruger and the right, one of the Lion in the Kalahari.. The Kalahari being on the West side of the country and the Kruger on the East side..

Thur 21-07-2011 178

Kalagadi 490

The colour is definitely different and that of the Kalahari looks better fed… not that I was going to take a closer look on foot in either case..

But where the Lion is persecuted and shot for its skin in so many parts of Africa… are these not a thing of beauty that should be enjoyed, rather being shot with a camera.??

50 thoughts on “Lion of the Kalahari….A Sunday Thought..

  1. I have come accros an email and it shows a lion sleeping in a bush, then it shows the hunter shooting the lion in the back from 25m behind the lion, the lion then jumps up turns around and charges the hunter, the huter still has time to shoot this magnificent huge male lion in the head twice before it crumbles to the ground, I messaged the owner of this email. and asked Where did he shoot this lion, he says the Khalahari, he says he was paid by his client R450 000 for this trophy, well I dont know what the hell is going on earth, when it comes to this behaviour ,cause this is so wrong,so inhumane, so cruel, why do SAfricans have to wait untill our wildlife becomes close to extiction befor we make a huge seen “Save the Rhino/Lion”, I told the hunter pertaining to this email footage that he’s so bragging about, that when he’s asleep Im going to come find him and shoot him in the ass, but he didnt get it. Isnt there any legality about shooting our little wildlife left in our continent, or is it free for all even the foreiners who pay BIG CASH. sic sic sic from The Adams Family

    • Cheryl, thank you for the visit and comment… were you not aware of the canned lion controversy that has been going on for quite a while.?? This is a travesty of justice that is allowed to go on by permits issued to certain farmers to earn foreign currency… I should imagine the permit issuers are probably also well looked after…
      It is a disgusting practice that does not even give the lion an even chance… how anyone can shoot a lion half drugged and beyond defending itself or running away is beyond me…
      I could easily stick his rifle deep within his rear end and pull the trigger…
      Thanks for the comment…

  2. I wonder who first termed the lion “King of the beasts?” It is such an apt description. Your photos are magnificent, and yes the one seems a little leaner. It does just pain me to think they are still shot for any reason at all. Is there legislation against the practice and poachers ignore the law, or is there no prohibition? You must have just been so thrilled to be this close…close enough there BD! 🙂

    • There are farms where legal shooting of Lions is permitted… I know they are bred for it and it apparently brings in a fortune in foreign currency.. as there are so many prepared to pay $10 000 odd to shoot one… God only knows why.. trying to prove their manhood or something..”big white hunter” status.. who knows..
      They are not really poached in the Parks but the “canned” Lions as they are known here just sets me off…
      I get so much closer to Lions, as you shall see tomorrow..
      Thank you …

  3. Just thought the same thing … he looks a bit skinny – all the ribs shows, hopefully he are okay and healthy, he doesn’t look that healthy. Still a beautiful animal.

  4. Bulldog – yes, these amazing creatures should be shot – exclusively with cameras. Beautiful. Being able to see these guys in their natural habitat must have been the experience of a lifetime.

    • How I agree… at least with a camera we all get a chance to shoot the same subject… the way it’s going with our Rhino at the moment.. the chances are my grand children won’t be able to show there kids a wild one…

        • At least our Government have now started to use the army in some of the parks, and poachers are being shot and killed… they are earning such huge money from this atrocious trade with China, that even some of the very people employed to protect them are being caught poaching…. at R 60 000/kg ($ 7 500) it is more expensive than gold/platinum…
          588 Rhino lost last year to poaching… 3 on the first of jan this year.. the tally to now is more than 1 a day… we even have them being shot from helicopters…
          Some are being darted with drugs and the horn removed before the animal is dead… and not just removed but the skin around the nose area and all.. totally removed
          Mothers Killed and the baby left to die along side her from starvation…
          No these people deserve to be shot like the animals they shoot… and the biggest problem.. the Rhino horn is nothing more than the very toe nails we cut regularly off our own feet.
          Yet the people that by it use it for sex drive and a few other like things… Hell I’ll send them boxes of Viagra, (for free) if they will just leave our Rhinos alone… but this is an Africa problem…

          • That is so awful! We have a similar problem with poaching of bears for their various body parts (gall bladder and I don’t know what all) for the same stupid superstitions about sex drive. How pathetic! You’d think we still live in the Dark Ages. It sounds very bad for your rhinos though. I’m really sorry about that situation.

            • I think with the stand being taken throughout Africa now, with a shoot to kill attitude of anyone found in a Park with weapons, might just slow the process down. As well as the delegations we have going to China to try and educate the unenlightened, we might just slow things down… But how do you educate people that have been believing this nonsense for years…
              I spoke with a young woman who took me to see some Lion that had been reintroduced into the wild… an expert she was at the age of 28… she was part of the one delegation that had traveled to China… she said it was not the younger generations that needed educating but the older ones that believed this nonsense.. so hopefully the beliefs will die out before the Rhino…

  5. Come on Bulldog, where’s your sense of adventure? Just walk right up to him and shake his paw LOL!! All kidding aside, the lion is one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on this earth, and you are so lucky to be able to observe them from any distance. Do you have any pictures of the cubs? They are so adorable!

  6. I still shudder at the thought that people get pleasure out of shooting these magnificent creatures with anything but a camera.
    I’d agree with you on colouring and size but, truly, for the sake of science, could you not possibly go over and measure (also, please check cuddliness – this is vital to the results).

    • I think I’m going to put all thoughts aside and in the name of science do just that… just as soon as someone lets them know I’m going to be doing it… just so they don’t get a fright and run

  7. Good that cameras rather than guns are used for shooting wildlife. I agree that there is a survival advantage of having a long lens camera to photograph such dangerous animals at a distance 🙂

  8. Your Kruger fellow does look a little lean around the hindquarters! Perhaps there’s a greater number of lions there and more competition for food? Nevertheless, both look fit with shining coats – wondrous creatures indeed 🙂

    • The Lions in the Kruger I think have to work a little harder for their meal than those of the Kalahari that just have to sit near a water hole and sooner or later their meal will arrive.. almost like a take out delivery..

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