The trips within the park.. what we saw 2 parts..

Travelling around between Mata Mata and Twee Rivers exit point we saw so many different animals and birds that I will have to make two posts of it..

Kalagadi 910

Kalagadi 926

Kalagadi 936

Kalagadi 942

Kalagadi 963

Kalagadi 985

Kalagadi 1022

Kalagadi 1035

Kalagadi 1046

Kalagadi 1069

Kalagadi 1082

Kalagadi 1159


31 thoughts on “The trips within the park.. what we saw 2 parts..

    • I love those birds and I’m sure you’ve seen my dedicated post to the Lilac-breasted roller… not so profuse in the Kalahari as they are in the Kruger…

  1. Wow … some trip you have been on – and all those amazing animals .. crossed your path. Thanks for sharing it with me. The Jackal photo in the end .. is so funny.

    • The flying jackal was such a lucky capture… no one was expecting that… all the cars parked at the water hole .. shouted “did you get that” to each other… and yes I did… pure reaction shooting…

  2. Your pictures, as usual are stunning and make me feel like I’m there with you. Hey, question: When I go somewhere and take pictures I find that I don’t really experience what going on or live in the moment (like at a party) Do you still get something out of your experiences when taking pictures?

    • Oh more so.. before I really got into photography I tended to ride around the parks and quick stop at sightings… now I tend to sit and wait, watch and try to capture something unusual, which doesn’t happen very often… when observing birds one has to be more patient, waiting for the bird to turn its head or the light to be better… Oh no I definitely get more out of it now with the camera, than before without it…..

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